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Autumn inspired design tips for your home - with a devilish twist

Seasons are the best times of year to take inspiration for decorating your home, and Autumn is no exception.  With its beautifully rich palette of oranges, reds and browns you can create a stunning, warm look in any room.

Consider pairing bold red walls with neutral fabrics and gold accents for an understated warm glow.  For a more earthy feel, why not reverse the look, with neutral walls and a terracotta fabric.  Incorporating leaf designs or adding a vase of pre-lit twigs can really bring the outdoors into your living room.

Alternatively, with Halloween just around the corner, don’t be scared to indulge in more daring colours such as purples, blacks and greens.  Plumbs’ stylist Jenny Stirzaker says ‘Try combining pumpkin orange with a bright green for a contemporary fresh look. Or why not pair a deep purple with black accent features for a truly sumptuous room.’

Take a look at our Anastasia design, to get those Autumnal design ideas flowing.

Reupholstery Sofa Anastasia

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