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Bring Sunshine into your Home... Even if it's Raining Outside!

Following a disappointingly overcast bank holiday weekend, I'm feeling inspired to bring my own bit of sunshine into the home!  Who says we have to wait until summer to enjoy the cheerful hues of yellow?!   In recent years we have seen yellow increase in popularity, being mixed with various and imaginative palettes to add fun and vibrancy to our homes.

Yellow and Grey is fast becoming a popular choice in family homes.  Neither too feminie or too masculine, the colour scheme appeals to all members of the household.  Choose bold yellow walls and small acceessories to bring the look together.  We've teamed the beautiful Country Deco and Country Stripe in Gunmetal here for added texture and co-ordination.

Pale Yellow and similar subtle shades work well with neutral palettes to create a peaceful, calm scheme.  Be sure to add interest with floral or patterned fabrics to break up solid blocks of colour.  We've chosen Catherine's Garden Curtains with Catherine's Stripe Blind in Soft Gold.

Yellow & Purple create a stunning contrast that oozes luxury.  Think Quality Streets and opt for strong, jewel like shades for maximum impact.  Ensure your bold scheme stands out at its best with a neutral, plain backdrop.  For inspiration have a look at how we've deocarted with new fabric Royal Romance - Soft Gold.

So how about it?  Would you use yellow as a key colour in your living room?

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