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5 imaginative Pinterest finds!

We’ve scoured Pinterest for some of the most unique and different furniture designs we could find…

Pinterest P1

These chunky knit designs will create a very plush stool to sit on.  We love the bight primary colours contrasted with simple wooden legs in a natural finish.


Pinterest P2 

This organic shaped wire creates a very pretty base for this table, making it the centre piece of any dining room.

Pinterest P3 

These wooden semi-circular seats look very comfortable, although we can’t help thinking they might not the easiest to get up from!

Pinterest P4 

This vanity area is a great way to use an old bike that would otherwise go to the tip.  The monochrome colour scheme, soft lighting, flowers and artwork gives this look a slight Parisian theme.

Pinterest P5 

This chair seat is made up from fine pieces of wire which gives the illusion of no seat or back

From looking at sites such as Pinterest it’s easy to get your creativity flowing and hopefully inspire you to look for other interesting and unique furniture designs!


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5 Beautiful chairs given a Prestige make over

Other the last few weeks we’ve been hard at work transforming the chairs below with our newest fabrics from the Prestige Collection.

STB CMS Strawberry Thief is an intricate and popular design by William Morris.  This classic fabric is perfect for anyone who is inspired by the great designs of the Arts & Crafts movement.

L76 CUG P4 We love this bold geometric print by Linwood in a Current/Gold colourway.  This textured fabric is a great contrast for traditional furniture like we’ve used above or will create a real wow piece when covering retro style pieces.

FRF LIN P1 The Faremont Fleur fabric above in Linen colourway, has an elegant diamond shaped design on a shimmering base colour, and has given this simple chair a new lease of life!

ANE LTE P1 Annis from Sanderson fabrics features a classic thin stripe on a neutral base, and is the perfect match to our co-ordinating fabric – Brecon.  We’ve paired these fabrics with this beautiful dark wood arm chair to create a simple yet elegant look.


Bright and bold this striped Gogh fabric in Raspberry colourway is a great addition to the Prestige range.  The contrast between the stripes of this fabric and the damask wallpaper are pulled together by the deep pink hues in both.  

These chairs are proof that by working with quality fabrics and skilled craftsmen, you can really create a stunning a look using tired furniture.  If you need any help giving your precious furniture a makeover, then one of our trained Consultants will be happy to talk through the best recovering options for you, in the comfort of your own home.


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16 Amazingly Unique Chairs, Sofas and Settees from Pinterest

In the world of furniture, not everything has to follow the rigid rules of design. Sometimes, you can find something that breaks the mould and stands out from the crowd – as these 16 amazingly unique chairs, sofas and settees from Pinterest show.

1. Figure 6 chair

These organic-looking figure 6 chairs appear to flow into themselves, providing a natural and beautiful addition to the home. 


Figure of 6 Unique Chair by Joseph Walsh courtesy of Deidra Brocké Wallace via Pinterest 

2. Wine glass chair

If you’re the sort of person who likes to relax with a drink at the end of the day, these wine-inspired chairs are the ideal place to enjoy a classic vintage.


Merlot chairs courtesy of Lea Eaton via Pinterest 

3.Teacup chairs

If tea is your drink of choice, maybe these teacup chairs would be more suitable.


Image courtesy of LaVeta Griego via Pinterest

4. Grass chairs

Enliven your garden with grass covered sofas to retain the ‘natural’ look in your outdoor space.


Unique Sofa Outdoor Fresh Grass courtesy of Misha Genesis via Pinterest

5. Half dollar sofa

Although money has long played an important part in high-end furniture design, this half dollar covered sofa takes it to a whole new level.


Sofa made entirely out of half dollar coins courtesy of Skylar's Home & Patio via Pinterest 

6. Geometric sofa

This bright, geometrically designed sofa would look great in a minimalist home or as the centrepiece of any design-conscious interior.


Playful Swiss Knife Couch courtesy of Helene Eskildsen via Pinterest 

7. Shopping trolley chair

If all you think about when you see a supermarket trolley is the weekly shop, this quirky chair design should make you think again. 


Shopping trolley chair courtesy of Karen Grant via Pinterest 

8. Vintage bath settee

Enjoy a relaxing soak like never before in this stunning vintage bath settee. 


Vintage bath courtesy of Nancy Lewis via Pinterest 

9. Suitcase chair

Old suitcases can often come in handy, and this great chair design shows just how interesting furniture made from reclaimed or recycled suitcases can be.


Image courtesy of Anakiwa-Mūla Anaka via Pinterest

10. Magic carpet sofa

Ever fancied going for a magic carpet ride? Well this curvy sofa design may not whisk you off into the night, but it will provide a great centrepiece for your living room. 


Image courtesy of Coby Nonamegiven via Pinterest 

11. Cactus sofa

Though this cactus-inspired sofa may not look like the most comfortable place to relax, it’s guaranteed to make your friends prickle with envy. 


Image courtesy of Wessel Wessels via Pinterest

12. Phone box sofa

This bright, colourful and fun phone box sofa would make an eye-catching addition to any British home.


Image courtesy of Russell Deasley via Pinterest 

13. Luggage chairs

Versatile enough to act as tables and chairs, luggage has never been more chic! 


Image courtesy of Alter Novum via Pinterest

14. High-heel chairs

If shoes are your raison d’etre, what could be better than a huge pair of high-heeled chairs in your front room?


Unusual shoe chair courtesy of Coleen Uyehara via Pinterest

15.  Ultimate lounge chair

This cosy chair is the perfect place for relaxing on a cold winter’s day. The zip up sleeping bag makes it easy to crawl inside when everything gets a bit too much. 


Unusual lounge chair courtesy of Fine Home Decor 101 via Pinterest

16. Egg chairs

If you’re looking for a quirky and fun solution to your seating needs, these egg-cellent chairs could just be the answer. Great for kitchens and living rooms, they’d make a light-hearted addition to any home. 


Images courtesy of Cristina Prodigalidad via Pinterest 


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