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Five Beautiful Fabrics for Elegant Chairs

  • English Poppyfields

This gorgeous, on trend poppy upholstery fabric by Swaffer is a fashionable way to update your favourite armchair, and is perfect for tailored loose covers. Large floral motifs were in evidence on the Catwalk this spring and the 1950's inspired theme looks set to continue.

  • Zari Fabric

This attractive neutral jacquard upholstery fabric has an exotic feel, invoking the patterns of far flung cultures and giving the gentle hue of the base fabric a more striking ambience.  Zari is perfect for re-upholstery, and as shown, looks gorgeous with magenta toned accessories.

  • Titian Damask

Titian Damask is a beautiful golden furnishing fabric which looks sophisticated in loose covers or upholstery. It is a subtle yet interesting material, with an intricate pattern that follows a new path on the traditional Persian design. You can get matching curtains and blinds, or perhaps a footstool in the same fabric.

  • Windsor in Ruby

Windsor, shown here in Ruby, is a rich, opulent fabric designed for loose covers. The subtle, monochromatic pattern of the weave makes it an ideal colour for mixing and matching; as shown here with striped cushions, that provide pattern and contrasting colours whilst marrying in the burgundy with co-ordinating stripes.

  • Chelsea Velvet Teal

The soft, gentle texture of this Chelsea Velvet fabric (shown in teal) is a real delight. Elegant and luxurious, the fabric is versatile enough to be used in loose covers or re-upholstery. It also comes in 36 other colours, so can be matched with your other furnishings.

Remember, if you want to brighten your home, with a pair of
poppy print chair covers or new, velvet teal loose covers, Plumbs can offer you a free, no obligation home consultation, where we can offer you advice about colours, fabrics and styles for your dream home.


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What fabric? When buying Loose Covers...

Since finding out about the discount I get from working at Plumbs, my mother is suddenly interested in buying some loose chair and sofa covers. She does love to count her pennies!

When trying to find our more about loose covers she asked me, what's the best type of fabric to choose when buying furniture covers? Unfortunately I didn't know off hand so I had to do some investigating and found that it is quite a common question, so I thought I'd share what I found.

The cheapest fabrics generally used to make furniture covers are nylon stretch fabrics. The flexibility you get with this type of material give a really close and snug fit around any piece of furniture, now just because they're the cheapest doesn't mean they are not good. These fabrics are great value for money, so why would you choose these fabrics:

    • They are very easy to care for and can be washed at 40 degrees
    • Because of their flexibility they can cover over 98% of furniture styles
    • They don't crease and very easy to remove and replace
    • They are extremely hard wearing so last for years

The more costly fabrics are generally made of natural materials such as cotton and linen but there are also chenille and velvet fabrics that are either made in natural materials or man-made with a mix acrylic and polyester. Some of the best fabrics use a combination of both natural materials for a soft feel and man-made for improved practicality, such as preventing shrinkage in the wash and creasing. These fabrics are more rigid so give a more contemporary loose cover look but can be unsuitable for complicated styles of furniture. So why would you choose these over the more flexible fabrics:

    • Give a more relaxed and contemporary look to your furniture
    • Greater choice of fabric materials
    • Heavy-weighted for a great finish
    • The texture and feel is superb



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