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Slip Into Something More Comfortable This Summer

Most of us have switched to our summer wardrobes by now – crisp linen, white cotton, light silks and even bamboo. Yet we keep our windows cloaked with thick velvet and our sofas covered in sumptuous wools – very comforting in Winter, and far, far too hot in Summer. We need to treat our furnishings the way we treat ourselves. We wouldn't venture out into the August sun wearing a synthetic quilted coat; nor should we dress our furniture for cold weather when things heat up outside.

Pure Cotton

These 100% pure cotton loose covers are ideal for accenting with interestingly textured and coloured cushions. The light colour of the 'Peru' fabric shown helps to reflect light and heat, while the fibre itself provides a comfortable, indulgent surface for relaxing on a hot summer evening.



The perfect complement to a calm, neutral room, this Lindow fabric, a luxurious, light linen, is ideal for re-upholstery. Linen is a soft, durable natural fibre, which is cool to the touch and has a silky lustre. It's the perfect summer fabric – and unlike clothing, properly fitted re-upholstery and loose covers won't wrinkle!


Bamboo is another natural fibre which is resilient, anti-bacterial and incredibly tactile. It is luxurious, especially when blended with silk or cotton, and can be dyed a variety of colours. It also co-ordinates with other natural fibres well; a textured rug, combined with the smooth yet attractive sheen of linen and the purity of colour and form that cotton has.

Want to re-create your home in natural, neutral furnishings? Get in touch with Plumbs today for a free, no-obligation re-upholstery quote and slip into something more comfortable for summer!


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Discover Home Accessories for Small Spaces

Summer is a great time to update your home, but if you have a more compact space - for example an apartment or smaller house - it can be difficult to introduce new elements without making your home look cluttered and 'busy'. However, carefully selected home accessories are an affordable and easy way to make your space seem lighter, brighter and bigger.

Loose Covers

A new set of lovely sofa covers can be easily slipped over shabby or worn upholstery to give your room a new lease of life. This textured oatmeal fabric, combined with plump cushions, will give your home a fresh, seaside air that is open and inviting – and from a practical perspective, will reflect more light than darker colours, making the creamy, natural colour much more suitable for the summer months. Additionally, loose covers can be easily washed, easily replaced, and pressed, so are far easier to maintain than normal upholstery solutions (a boon for grandparents and pet owners).


Remember that small spaces can be easily overwhelmed by curtains that have too much texture, colour and bulk. Think light; ideally you want light coloured, lightweight and light reflecting. In practice, this means white or cream colours, plain and in thin, weighted cotton or a firm yet breathable linen. You can pair them with translucent voiles for privacy, and keep them tied back to frame your window panes, keeping the windows open to stimulate air flow.

Scatter Cushions

Cool blue scatter cushions are the perfect accompaniment to a summer living room. In plain fabrics, the colour is calming, unobtrusive and gives an otherwise light, airy room a colourful focal point that makes an impact without overpowering the other elements in the room. If placed strategically they can seem to expand the room, especially if situated in the corners, opposite a reflective surface.

Finishing Touches

Larkspurs are one of the official flowers of July. A simple bunch, slipped into a tall glass vase with a handful of baby's breath, will instantly brighten the dullest of spaces. A mirror, affixed to the wall, will reflect and lengthen the room, making it seem more spacious. Lights should be placed near corners to enliven high ceilings, and ideally so that they reflect within the windows and mirror.

What are your top tips for making the most of a small space?

Remember, you can purchase curtains, loose covers and home accessories from our website. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote!


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