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Making White Furniture Work for You

There’s no doubt about it: white furniture can look particularly effective in certain surroundings. It can provide a room with a clean, bright and fresh ambiance, which often works to make the room look bigger at the same time. Place the wrong piece in the wrong area however, and it’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

We’re taking a look at some of the styles where white is definitely right.



Ok, so it’s more of a colour scheme than a style, but if you already have a monochrome space at home, you’ll know the stunning effect that can be created from the sleek and simple contrast of black and white. Nothing says ‘classy’ quite like it! Stick to black and white for one room and you’ll never have to worry about colour schemes again – clashing shades and complex colour schemes can be a thing of the past!

French Provincial


Elegant and romantic, the French provincial look welcomes the use of pale colours and luxurious fabrics. It’s the point where pretty and classy meet. White furniture in the form of a French Bergere chair, or an ornate, white mirror can look particularly chic. Add a chandelier to complete the look. Don’t be overdoing things though – one too many ornate mirrors can be too much and you may be in danger of making your room look tacky.



A minimalist space oozes sophistication, and white furniture can really set it off when done right. On first impression, it seems like an easy enough look to create. After all, it’s all about simplicity, so how hard can it be? This is probably the type of room where white furniture works to greatest effect. Opt for modern pieces with clean, sharp lines and you’ll be left with something sleek and sophisticated that creates a real feeling of Zen, for anyone entering the room.

Unfortunately, the minimalist look isn’t always as simple when it comes to upkeep. That’s because, naturally, clutter tends to accumulate as you go along. It doesn’t take long before clean white lines and bare surfaces start to get marred with meaningless knick knacks, so make sure you stay on top of clutter clearance – there no point having your white furniture covered in rubbish!

Beach house


From bathrooms to patios, the nautical, beach house look can create a serene and relaxing environment that doesn’t look too try-hard. Laid-back, fresh and tranquil is the vibe. Think simple – white, crisp linen sofas, fold out chairs and white, washed-out wooden cabinets – as long as it has an air of beach-side brilliance, you’re on to a winner!

Shabby chic


Now here is a look that you can really have fun with. You don’t necessarily even have to buy your white furniture if you don’t want to; it can often look even more effective if you buy a piece of furniture and paint it yourself! You can then create the worn and weathered piece of white furniture that really adds charm and character to the room.

One way to do this, which can be particularly effective, is to buy a wooden room divider. Even if you aren’t going to use it, they can look great when simply propped up against the wall. They can easily be sanded down and painted and there are several guides online that will guide you through creating the look.

If you’d rather not have to do the work yourself, you can buy a nice piece of white furniture that’s already fit for purpose. There are a few options that look at home in rooms like this, but a Louis XV chair can look particularly nice and adds an elegant touch.

So regardless of your style, you shouldn’t be afraid of white furniture; there’s always a way to make white furniture work for you. All it takes is a little research and shopping around, but the reward from finding that perfect piece that really set off your room, is priceless.


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Creating a Neutral Haven

Colours are brilliant at creating moods in a room, but keeping colours in neutral hues can create a beautifully relaxing and sophisticated haven. By mixing textures, tones, and materials you can create a timeless soothing atmosphere you’ll relish coming home to unwind in.  A neutral colour pallet includes not just white, but soft greys, indulgent creams, and can be contrasted with brown or black accessories.  One big advantage of having a neutral colour scheme is you can always add splashes of colour at a later date without having to redesign your room.

The cool grey sofa and glass accessories in this room create a fresh and relaxing environment.  The clash of patterns, textures and old and new help add interest to this simple yet sophisticated design.

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Creating a neutral living space can seem quite daunting, especially if you normally choose dark forgiving hues that hide any mishaps.  However, by incorporating rugs and throws you can create a sumptuous and comforting environment that’s also practical to live in.  


This simple yet stylish Luxury Ravello fabric in Rich Vanilla has completely transformed this vintage piece of furniture and would help to freshen up any room.  When accessorizing think about how much white or black you want in the room, as an imbalance can be stark and heavy.  By adding accessories with light wood and foliage/floral wallpaper you can add a natural influence to the design.  Lighting helps to add warmth, and softens the cool colours of a neutral room, think big lamps, and simple candles. 

If you would like any help creating a neutral scheme in your home contact Plumbs today for a FREE no obligation quotation.

Look out for my next blog, where I’ll be discussing how to create stunning looks such as this neutral scheme for around £500!


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Discover Home Accessories for Small Spaces

Summer is a great time to update your home, but if you have a more compact space - for example an apartment or smaller house - it can be difficult to introduce new elements without making your home look cluttered and 'busy'. However, carefully selected home accessories are an affordable and easy way to make your space seem lighter, brighter and bigger.

Loose Covers

A new set of lovely sofa covers can be easily slipped over shabby or worn upholstery to give your room a new lease of life. This textured oatmeal fabric, combined with plump cushions, will give your home a fresh, seaside air that is open and inviting – and from a practical perspective, will reflect more light than darker colours, making the creamy, natural colour much more suitable for the summer months. Additionally, loose covers can be easily washed, easily replaced, and pressed, so are far easier to maintain than normal upholstery solutions (a boon for grandparents and pet owners).


Remember that small spaces can be easily overwhelmed by curtains that have too much texture, colour and bulk. Think light; ideally you want light coloured, lightweight and light reflecting. In practice, this means white or cream colours, plain and in thin, weighted cotton or a firm yet breathable linen. You can pair them with translucent voiles for privacy, and keep them tied back to frame your window panes, keeping the windows open to stimulate air flow.

Scatter Cushions

Cool blue scatter cushions are the perfect accompaniment to a summer living room. In plain fabrics, the colour is calming, unobtrusive and gives an otherwise light, airy room a colourful focal point that makes an impact without overpowering the other elements in the room. If placed strategically they can seem to expand the room, especially if situated in the corners, opposite a reflective surface.

Finishing Touches

Larkspurs are one of the official flowers of July. A simple bunch, slipped into a tall glass vase with a handful of baby's breath, will instantly brighten the dullest of spaces. A mirror, affixed to the wall, will reflect and lengthen the room, making it seem more spacious. Lights should be placed near corners to enliven high ceilings, and ideally so that they reflect within the windows and mirror.

What are your top tips for making the most of a small space?

Remember, you can purchase curtains, loose covers and home accessories from our website. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote!


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