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Multiyork Made-to-Measure Covers

Do you own quality Multiyork furniture? Is it in need of recovering with tailored covers?

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This is where Plumbs can help you. We have been manufacturing tailored covers and reupholstering furniture for many years and are experts at recovering Multiyork furniture.

Multiyork is a leading quality furniture brand and over 80% of their furniture models have tailored covers. Plumbs have been recovering all Multiyork's models and styles for many years including Berkeley, Carlton, Teddington and Osborne. You can be confident in both the product and service that Plumbs offer.

When you invested in your Multiyork furniture you were investing in a quality frame and superior interiors, assured of comfort and style. Inevitably over time fabrics can experience wear and tear and your Multiyork furniture isn’t looking its best.

This is where our choice of over 800 fabric options gives you the opportunity to create a new look which will ensure your Multiyork furniture will last for many more years.

Book a visit from one of our friendly Home Consultants and get to see our full range of fabric options in the comfort of your own home. From plain fabrics to patterned, cottons, velvets and chenilles we’ve got something for you. Our home consultants will advise you on fabric choice, colour and design plus provide you with a free quotation.

Not only do we offer a wide range of beautiful fabrics, almost all of our removable covers are machine washable at 30 degrees; perfect for keeping your furniture looking it’s best.

We will ensure your Made-to-Measure covers are made to fit your furniture. Our Home Consultants will take up to 200 measurements of your furniture plus our expert manufacturing team of craftsmen and women have covered hundreds of pieces of Multiyork furniture, including Osbourne, Classic, Mayfair models plus many more. You can be rest assured that your Multiyork furniture is in the best hands.

How does it work?

If you’re interested in giving your Multiyork furniture a fresh new look, simply call one of our advisors today on 0800 019 0505 who will be able to answer any questions you have and book your Home Consultation.

Click here to book your home consultation today or call us on 0800 019 0505

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