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Collins and Hayes replacement covers & repairs

Plumbs see many popular styles and models coming through our workshops to be reupholstered, such as the Norton Parker Knoll Recliner. This is no different with furniture produced by Collins & Hayes.

Collins And Hayes Replacement Covers Repairs

Collins & Hayes, however, offer a very unique made to measure service. As anyone buying new furniture knows, it is very difficult to find furniture that fits all your requirements; design, shape and size. Collins & Hayes’ made to measure service gives their customers the opportunity to increase the width of the furniture by increments of 5cm, thus allowing far greater flexibility.

Even with these potentially unique furniture sizes, our consultants are fully qualified to identify Collins & Hayes styles and our upholsterers are very familiar with the way they are built. Having this understanding enables Plumbs to offer you the best services and guaranteed craftsmanship when restoring your furniture to its former glory.

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About Collins & Hayes

Collins & Hayes have been engaged in design for the past 130 years. The brand originated from the Collins family, who were high quality cabinetmakers, and the Hayes family, who specialised in top-end upholstery. The business has focused on the development and the manufacturing of upholstered furniture since ceasing the manufacturing of cabinet furniture after the Second World War.

A combination of traditional and modern techniques, along with highly skilled craftsmen, has allowed Collins & Hayes the liberty of offering its customers a very specialised service. Part of their unique service is to ensure ease of delivery to difficult or inaccessible places by supplying all models disassembled for assembly in the home.

Plumbs provide sofa covers for Collins & Hayes furniture as well as reupholstery.

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