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Make a Statement with Feature Wallpaper!

We all like our homes to say a little something about us.  Whether it’s modern and classic, feminine chic or loud and bold.  Well what better way than plastering it all over the walls for all to see!  That’s right, with stunning statement wallpapers.

Now I know that painting’s much easier; I know it’s less messy and I know there is nothing more frustrating than 2 ends of paper sticking together with paste.  But, with a boom in beautiful wallpaper designs, it’s difficult to resist.

If the feminine touch is what you’re looking for, try one of these stunning florals.  For a classic, soft approach look at Nina Campbell’s Barrington design (£54 per roll), or choose Duchessa design by Graham & Brown (£25 per roll) for a bolder splash of colour.

For a more gender neutral floral, you could try a large design such as Graham and Brown’s Traviata (£25 per roll), or opt for more unisex colours such as red and white with their Elinor design (£25 per roll).

If florals simply aren’t your style, why not use stripes to enhance your living space.  A pretty candy stripe effect such as Nina Campbell’s Bicton wallpaper (£47 per roll) is full of fun.  Graham & Brown offer their Figaro design (£25 per roll) as a subtler alternative.

Be bold and display you love for retro with these cool geometric patterns.  Go for monochrome chic with Graham & Brown's Mika (£18 per roll), or create a cool, cosy backdrop to your study with Chameleon by Osborne & Little (£84 per roll).

However you plan to wow your house guests, remember there is a whole wealth of designs and styles you can choose from, to suit your personality and style.  Go on, be daring and make a real statement with your décor!

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