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Mood Board Magic: Where to get your Inspiration!

When it comes to creating a mood board for your latest home decorating project we may all start at different points.  We may have a particular theme or colour scheme in mind, or we may just know how we want the room to make us feel.  Regardless of how far along the creative process we are, we can all use the same resources to find ways of bringing our ideas together.

So where are the best places to glean inspiration?  The simple answer: anywhere and everywhere!  Whether it's a beautiful room set you've seen in a magazine or the colours on a crisp autumn morning, almost anything can be used to fuel your creativity....

Remember to keep your eyes out and photograph, cut and collect anything that grabs your attention.  Keep hold of your findings and check back soon to see how to collate your ideas into an inspiring mood board that will help you achieve your perfect look!

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