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4 Essential Habits for a Tidy Home!

Home All 4 Essential Habits for a Tidy Home!

Wouldn’t it be great if your living room looked like this? No clutter, no mess. Well, at the beginning of January, it sort of did. The tree had come down and everything was put back in its place. Three weeks into the New Year, and my home is back to its usual weekday mess.

But, with the start of the year being the perfect time to adopt new habits, here are a few that I will be trying out to keep my home looking ship-shape throughout 2012!

1) A Place to call home

If there is a place for everything, and everything has its place, then surely you can’t go wrong. Give all of your items their own special place and ensure they get put back there! Simple!

2)Decorative Storage

For toys, blankets and other nic-nacs that get left lying around, choose decorative storage boxes. These need not be an eye soar. Opt for boxes that will match your décor, or better still, disguise your storage areas as coffee tables. This is easy when using chests or ottomans.

3) Rack ’em up

My guilty pleasure is home magazines and consequently these will often find themselves abandoned in a pile next to the sofa or strewn along the sideboard. A simple option is to invest in a magazine rack (or even recycle those you’ve definitely finished with.) For a more creative approach, stack in an unused fireplace for a quirky storage solution.

4) Regular upkeep

If you get into the habit of vacuuming and cleaning one or twice a week, you will inevitably tidy up and put things away.

Failing these simple steps, it may be an idea to consider minimalist décor. The less stuff you have, the less mess they will create!

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