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7 tips for creating a minimalist décor

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From IKEA-inspired living rooms to the subtle sophistication of contemporary décor, minimalism grows ever popular in the world of interior design.

And it’s little wonder why. With space aplenty and sleek serenity, minimalist décor exudes laid back luxury – a welcome reprieve, you’ll agree, from the busy lives that so often run away with us.

To create the perfect pared-back style, take a look at our top seven style tips and design your own minimalist living room – without spending a fortune.

1. Clear the clutter

Decluttered minimalist living room ideas

Let the mantra ‘less is more’ be your guide when getting started with your minimalist look. This means – you guessed it – letting go of all those random trinkets and knick-knacks that collect dust on your shelves and mantelpieces.

To declutter with aplomb, take inspiration from Marie Kondo’s ‘KonMari Method’ and tidy your items by category (books, clothes etc.) rather than by room. Most importantly, get rid of the things which don’t ‘bring you joy’.

If you find that some items hang dubiously in your maybe pile, don’t worry – you can upcycle these items instead to create bespoke decorative pieces for your home. Take a look at our most recent upcycling post to see how to do it.

2. Focus on function

With your clear out well and truly underway, it’s time to strip back the furniture in your living room.

The trick is to think about each piece of furniture and whether its function is absolutely necessary. For example, a leather armchair might look great nestled in the corner, but is it used enough to justify its place in your new décor? Does your pouffe provide the perfect spot for ‘feet up Thursdays’ or is it just collecting dust? You’ll be surprised how many items you could live without when you take the time to reassess your space.

3. Create a neutral base

As minimalism is all about creating a sense of serenity, colour considerations should be the top of your to-do list. This is where pared-back palettes shine. The likes of beige, grey, white and light brown provide the foundation for a clean, calm and current space while keeping your other motifs ‘grounded’.

Too many gradients to choose from? Our super soft Amalfi Pebble fabric is a great choice if you’re looking to apply a subdued base to your lounge.

4. Mix up your textures

With the colour scheme sorted, you can allow your mind to wander to the different textures and materials that will fill your minimalist living room.

Experiment with knitted throws, velvet curtains and sheepskin rugs to bring warmth and comfort to the bare necessities of minimalism. These contrasting fabrics can also make a space much more visually interesting, without veering away from the simple style.

5. Go green

Bringing aromatic fragrances and natural colour, house plants and minimalist interior design are a match made in heaven.

Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers on a coffee table or a tall fern by the window, plants are a great way to soften a room’s features. Experts have even waxed lyrical about their de-stressing capabilities – perfect for the coveted calmness of your new décor.

More importantly though, it gives you an excuse to head to the garden centre for the afternoon. Delightful!

6. Don’t shy away from patterns

A common misconception about minimalist décor is that you should always play it safe and stick to solid colours. However, paramours of pattern shouldn’t feel left out. As long as you stick to neutral or monochromatic colours, you can still use the likes of geometric and checkpatterns in your minimalist living room without them sticking out like a sore thumb.

7. Let it shine

Simple but oh-so effective, natural light can do wonders for your minimalist lounge. The more natural light, the better – so throw those curtains wide open and bask in the dusky morning rays.

Not only do open spaces bring a welcoming warmth, but they also make the room appear larger. And don’t worry if your bay windows bear minimal light – the lightweight design and off-white shade of our Eiffel Ivory curtain fabric is perfect for letting even the weakest rays stream through.

Now you know how to create the ideal minimalist living room, it’s time to start looking for interior inspiration – and there’s no better place to start than with Plumbs. Head over to our website to browse our huge range of fabrics and start your minimalist makeover today.

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