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9 Amazing deep cleaning sofa hacks you need to try

Home All 9 Amazing deep cleaning sofa hacks you need to try

Stuck inside and looking for ways to keep yourself busy? Great! That means it’s time for your annual spring clean.

But where should you start? A great way to get the ball rolling is with a sofa deep clean. After all, it has been your quarantine compadre for quite some time now – and it is looking a little ‘lived in’, shall we say.

So, slip on your Marigolds and read through our top sofa deep cleaning tips, below. Your upholstery will look fresh in no time.

The basics

A grey sofa being deep cleaned

How to read furniture cleaning codes

Before you put any of our below deep cleaning sofa hacks to the test, step back, take a breath – and have a feel around under your sofa.

No, really. This is where the cleaning code label lives, and it dictates which cleaning products you can use on your sofa fabric. Take a look at our blog post on how to read cleaning codes to find out more.

How to clean sofa upholstery at home

With your cleaning code cheat sheet memorised, you can finally turn your attention to the task at hand.

But what deep cleaning sofa products do you need for the job? And which is most effective on your sofa fabric? The answer to all these questions and more can be found in our how to clean sofa upholstery at home blog post.

How to maintain reupholstered furniture

So, you’ve followed our ‘how to clean sofa upholstery’ guide to the letter and your sofa is looking spotless. Now, the trick is to maintain that spick and span style.

That’s easy done when you follow our expert tips on how to keep your sofa looking its Sunday best for longer. Check out our helpful 5 tips to maintaining furniture upholstery blog post for all the details.

The stubborn stains

A stubborn stain being brushed out of a sofa

Ink stain spills

Keeping the kids entertained during lockdown can often feel like a losing battle – especially when they decide to turn the sofa into a personal work of art.

Thankfully, we have the know-how to restore your upholstery to a blank canvas of cleanliness. Read our blog on how to remove ink stains from fabric sofas for more information.

Red wine stains

We’ve all been there; a stray hand, a clumsy foot – and, just like that, your pristine sofa is wearing a fresh red wine stain.

Rather than trying to pass the spill off as an abstract design choice, however, you can tackle this stubborn stain head on. To find out how, take a look at our deep cleaning blog post on how to remove red wine stains from your sofa.

Smelly sofas

Even when your sofa looks spotless, the smells of years gone by are bound to hang around – all despite your attempts to keep your pets off the furniture.

But it’s okay – there is no need to resign yourself to a funky fabric. From scented sachets to homemade freshener, we have the odour-expelling deep cleaning sofa tips you need to remove bad smells from your sofa.

The specifics

A leather sofa being polished

How to clean a fabric sofa naturally

Is your local supermarket running a little short on the cleaning products you need?

Don’t worry, you can deep clean your sofa with the natural products gathering dust in your cupboard. Check out our handy blog post for more details.

How to clean a microfibre sofa

While microfibre sofas might have a resilient reputation in the world of upholstery, they still need a healthy dose of TLC to keep their fabric looking fresh.

So, to help you deal with this common sofa fabric, we’ve pulled together our useful guide to cleaning a microfibre sofa. Take a look over for all you need to know.

How to clean a leather sofa

For many, leather sofas are a cinch to clean; one wipe and the dirt is gone.

However, while spills and stains often struggle to make a lasting impression, leather still needs regular maintenance to last a lifetime. Read our blog post on how to clean a leather sofa to find out more information.

“What if cleaning just isn’t doing it for me?” we hear you ask. Don’t worry – you can’t help some stubborn spills and stains, no matter how matter how expertly you blot.

Luckily, at Plumbs we offer the quick fix you need – and that’s sofa covers. Browse our full collection of attractive sofa cover fabrics over on the Plumbs website today.

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