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How to bring sunshine into your home even if it's raining outside!

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Maybe you’re decorating your house for the first time, or perhaps you’re just feeling like making a change to a lighter, brighter decoration scheme. Whatever your reasons, adding a little extra sunshine to your space can be a great way to add a fun, vibrant atmosphere to any home.

In recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in demand for yellow hues here at Plumbs, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a fantastic way to bring some relaxing, mellow tones to your interiors, and it’s something we can supply in abundance – our made to measure sofa covers, reupholstery solutions and curtains are available in a variety of textures and styles to suit any taste.

We love the warm welcoming tones that come with adding a little extra sunshine to your home. So how can you achieve this highly desirable atmosphere? Here are a couple of our top suggestions!

Try out some lighter interior paint

Lighter interior paints are a brilliant way to bring some of that glowing outdoor brightness to your home. They can instantly brighten up a dark room by adding a surface that reflects more natural light – an effective method of making your room appear bigger and more spacious than it actually is.

For an extra boost of brightness, try out some high gloss paint. This enhances the light reflected from the sun, and the glossier the paint, the more reflective it’ll be. As well as adding a luxurious touch of style and elegance to your interior, they also provide a tough, moisture resistant finish – so we’d highly recommend them if you’re looking to add some shine to your sunny inspired space.

Play around with artificial light

When natural light isn’t quite enough, you can always consider some effective artificial lighting solutions to help bring that extra sunshine boost to your home! They’re particularly effective in those areas where natural light struggles to reach in your home, like awkward corners, corridors or alcoves.

For a cosy, relaxed atmosphere, we’d recommend warm white bulbs, as these perfectly imitate the yellowish glow you get from the sun. If you’re lucky and your home is already blessed with great natural light, why not consider a dimmer switch? This will allow you to have much greater control over how you choose to light your home, enabling you to gradually alter the light levels as the natural light comes and goes.

It’s not just your walls and your lighting fixtures that will have an effect on the atmosphere of your home though, your furniture and the way you choose to arrange it can also have a big impact on the sunshine style you’re aiming for.

Boostgolden tones with warm textiles

So, we’ve established that good lighting and an effective paint scheme are both fantastic ways of emphasising and enhancing the bright, radiant light you receive from the sun. But it’s equally as important to take into account the style and substance of the furniture you’ve got to hand.

Starting with your curtains, you really want to spread the cheerful mood from the incoming sunlight with an exquisite set of brightly coloured floor-to-ceiling curtains, as this will help to enhance the sun rays coming through the window. Try to make a habit of favouring lighter shades wherever you can – particularly on items that block light from windows and doors.

This goes for your sofa and chairs as well. Heavy and dark colours can block light from entering your home, undermining the picture-perfect, sunshine atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create. Luckily for you though, here at Plumbs we’ve been supplying, bespoke sofa covers, reupholstery solutions and curtains for over 60 years now, and we’ve got a fantastic range of bright and vibrant colours and textiles for you to peruse. From Acropolis Gold, to Cardinal Lemon, we’ve got something to suit everyone.

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