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The must have colours of 2020

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2020 is here and the new decade has certainly roared into action. Along with repeatedly crossing the date out for the next few weeks, a new year always brings a few fresh trends and colour palettes with it.

From Dulux to Pantone, it can be quite the task keeping up to date with all the ‘Colour of the Year’ press releases, so we’ve put together a handy one stop shop for you to get your fix of the latest tonal trends.

Pantone – Classic Blue

Pantone have been presenting their colour of the year for over two decades, and have often chosen an unexpected – yet totally perfect – shade to represent current events. Today it is perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated annual reveals in the interiors world, and in 2020 they have chosen to mark the new decade with a colour steeped in simplicity: Classic Blue.

Describing their pick as a colour that instils ‘calm, confidence and connection’, Pantone are apparently hoping for steady waters in the new decade. With the last few years being widely rocky, this colour is awash with connotations of clarity and stability, plus there’s a certain timelessness about it too. Used on upholstery, this colour will ground the palette of your home, adding depth and a sense of wealth to your interiors with its modest, yet striking, hue.

Don’t be fooled by its calm nature, however, as more lurks beneath the surface of this colour than we think. Reminiscent of open oceans or the twilight sky, there’s a certain sense of adventure that accompanies Classic Blue in our eyes. Why not sweep it across your ceilings and find yourself camped under the night sky?

Our recommendations in this colour include bestseller, Charlton – Navy Blue, or Amalfi – Dark Blue.

Dulux – Tranquil Dawn

tranquil dawn

Maybe it’s the new decade prompting some reflection, or perhaps everyone is justreallytired of their constantly booked up diary, but Dulux’s colour of the year is another call out for some peace. Introducing Tranquil Dawn.

Inspired by the morning sky, Dulux have chosen a soft green colour that is designed to ‘help give homes a human touch’.The gentle tones to this shade mean it can be used to complement a variety of interior styles, all whilst adding that sense of a fresh morning and new beginnings to your home’s vibe.

Fancy a Tranquil Dawn inspired look for your furniture? Take a look at our fabric Bayswater – Peppermint with its soft green colourway and gentle cotton texture.

Other colours for 2020

other colours

With the two main players out of the way, you may well be wondering where else to look for your 2020 colour inspo. WGSN were the first people to announce their colour of the year as being Neo Mint, a bright, pastel infused colour that surely would startle into new beginnings. Picked for its ‘oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature’, it certainly sounds like a colour for the 21st century.

If this sounds like your kind of style, we’ve put together an entire blog on how to use neo mint in your home, so head that way for our top tips.

Benjamin Moore have opted for another tone that takes its name from the sky: First Light. This pretty-in-pink shade adds an understated option to the array of 2020 colours, and has been put forward due to its soft and airy nature that ‘flatters any space and plays well with other colours’.

Though at a first glance you might assign it to a sugar sweet nursery, the colour provides a great alternative to other neutral options like white or beige, so is well worth keeping in mind for your next home décor project. Have a look at Eton – Blushfor a flattering curtain option to imitate this tone.

Finally, our favourite. Clay colours are taking our fancy right now, with their subtext of earth and fresh beginnings. Much like Benjamin Moore’s pick, this shade offers an alternative to the classic neutral choices, but we love its ability to add an element of intensity too. Our top choice for mastering this style has to be Cardinal – Rose, a sumptuously soft fabric that mixes well with light neutrals, or other dark statement colours.

So there we go! Another year of styles to play with and colours to infuse into your interiors. We can’t wait to see what you do with them. Need a little more guidance? Book one of our free in-home consultations today.

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