Aquaclean Fabric

Keep your covers stain free!

Busy households can easily keep their sofa covers looking clean with Aquaclean fabric. This new stain-resistant technology makes it so simple to clean inevitable accidents - with just water!  Revolutionary Aquaclean covers from Plumbs will not only give you peace of mind (especially if you have pets or young children), but also keep your furniture looking like brand new for even longer!

  • Family proof fabrics
  • No compromise on style
  • Wide range of designs and colourways
  • Reupholstery and furniture covers available

640X400 Asedve Family

Our family friendly, machine washable Aquaclean range is available in a choice of designs and colours, (such as our Abbey Rose, Raspberry chair cover and Abbey, Chalk sofa cover below), so you can recycle your sofa or suite with easy to clean, quality handcrafted covers, for an even more stylish and practical look.

640X400 Aserap Aquaclean

How Aquaclean Technology Works

The Aquaclean technology covers every single fibre within the fabric creating an invisible barrier stopping liquids and stains from penetrating the fabric.  This barrier means even the toughest household spills and stains (such as red wine) can be removed by simply using a little water and tissue.


Clean your Aquaclean fabric

Just follow these three easy steps.

Wine Stain On Sofa – Aquaclean

Step 1:

After the liquid or food has been split, gently remove any excess.


Step 2:

Apply water by either pouring a small amount onto a clean cloth or directly onto the stain. Wait a few seconds.


Step 3:

Gently rub the effected are with the cloth in a circular motion. Repeat as necessary until the mark has completely gone.



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