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Plumbs save tired chair from scrapheap

Over the last few months Plumbs, the loose covers and reupholstery specialists, ran a competition through social media to save one of two unloved chairs destined for the scrapheap.

The competition entitled #SaveYourFave saw the two chairs given names – “Roger, the rattan relic, and Freya, the floral firecracker”. They then went head to head over Twitter in order to gain the most votes and eventually the winner would be returned to its former glory.  A new home for the chair was randomly selected from all those who voted for the winning chair, and they also got the chance to hand pick the fabric the chair would be reupholstered in.

After 4 weeks, and around 300 entries Plumbs announced Freya as the #SaveYourFave winner, and Mrs Jacqueline Napier as the lucky new owner.  Following the selection of ‘Luxury Hopsack’ (one of Plumbs most versatile and popular fabrics), the chair was then stripped back, repaired and reupholstered in anticipation of delivery. 

Jacqueline couldn’t have been happier with the finished product:

“The lovely prize was made even better when the rep called with samples for me to choose and he helped match up with our colours. This chair is a dream to sit on and looks beautiful and very well done”.

This competition is part of a larger push from Plumbs to encourage the public to recycle their old beloved furniture rather than buy new.  Sarah Page, Plumbs Managing Director believes projects such as this are a great way to showcase the transformations Plumbs carry out daily:

“Plumbs have been in business for over 60 years, so it’s great to be able to use some of our reupholstery expertise to save an old piece of furniture like this, and give it back to the public.  Pieces like this chair destined for the landfill, show exactly what can be achieved with a little imagination and expert help.”

A selection of Plumbs reupholstery work can be seen on as well as their large range of loose covers, curtains, and blinds.




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