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Parker Knoll Chair Covers and Reupholstery

Plumbs can reupholster, repair and restore almost all styles of Parker Knoll furniture, including models from the early 1930’s.

Parker Knoll Chair Covers And Reupholstery Services

There are many popular models of Parker Knoll chairs that we regularly reupholster, including the Norton (recliner), the Hartley, and the Penshurst, which are both of a Queen Anne style.

Our consultants are fully qualified to identify Parker Knoll styles and our upholsterers are very familiar with the way they are built. Having this understanding enables Plumbs to offer you the best service and guaranteed craftsmanship when restoring your furniture to its former glory.

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About Parker Knoll

In 1931, with a revolutionary idea of sprung furniture the Parkers and the Knolls came together to create one of the well-known names in British furniture manufacturing.

Today, Parker Knoll remains a leading household name and is still selling models that were designed in the 1930’s – particularly the Hartley, a Queen Anne winged chair that was first produced in 1938 and is one of their top selling products.

Parker Knoll are well known for their recliners, with an extensive range of both motorised and manual. The recliner first appeared in the 1960’s, and became Parker Knoll’s bestselling chair for many years and sold more than 200,000 units before its 25th birthday.

Parker Knoll is one of the best furniture manufacturers in the UK and is renowned for both quality and comfort. All of their frames are made of a quality solid hardwood, which is why they last for so long and why we receive so many to reupholster.

Plumbs can also provide sofa covers for Parker Knoll furniture as well as reupholstery.

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