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Benefits of buying British furniture

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From handbags to shirt buttons, nearly everything we use here in the UK once began its life overseas – and it’s no different for the furniture industry.

Many of the sofas, armchairs and pouffes we recover are shipped from across the globe, sometimes from factories where cheaper, low quality products are made. And while this might earn customers a cheaper piece of furniture, there are often downsides to choosing low-quality imports such as these.

Thankfully, we, at Plumbs, know what quality British manufacturing looks like. After all, we have been working with manufacturers for more than 60 years!

To see why we think buying British furniture is the future, read on.

Better for the environment

You’ve probably heard that buying local fruit and veg is great for reducing your carbon footprint, but the same should be said for buying new furniture.

Where lengthy air deliveries naturally contribute to huge plumes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, British furniture is much greener by comparison. Often produced using local materials and superior craftsmanship, British furniture has the added benefit of more eco-friendly shipping.

Faster delivery

Two men delivering a British-made sofa

Another benefit of your furniture being close to home is that you’ll get your furniture delivered in half the time.

With less physical ground to cover from factory to doorstep, it’s usually only a matter of days before you can get that lovely marshmallow-soft sofa in your front room.

Plus, if you really can’t wait that long, British manufacturers usually offer local showrooms to their customers. If you shop with us, for instance, you can see and touch your chosen fabric in one of our showrooms before you buy.

Ethically sound

While it’s easy to take it for granted, Britain is known worldover for its fair and ethical business practices.

Protected with a laundry list of statutory rights (as protected by law), you can be sure that British-made goods are produced by a happy work-force who take great pride in what they produce.

Just take our collaboration with British design company, Swaffer. With their help, we ensure all of our textiles come from a respectable workplace which maintains the highest standards.

Guarantees quality

Woman testing the quality of a sofa in a furniture shop

Whether you plan to buy a simple chair or are splashing out on a new family sofa, furniture should always be built to the highest standard.

This is where it can pay to buy furniture closer to home; British-made goods are held to strict safety standards, meaning everything from fillings to fabrics to frames must pass a series of match tests to prove it is suitable for use. This also includes reupholstered furniture. All our upholstery fabrics, for instance, are put through rigorous industry standard tests before they are even considered for our factory floor.

With such stringent regulations, buyers can guarantee reliable furniture, made with fantastic quality materials, every time – and if this means paying a little more, it is certainly worth it.

Supports the economy

Overseas imports might seem like a more ‘budget-friendly’ option at the time, but you can help support your local economy when you buy from British businesses.

It’s true; without the people of Blackburn, Tom and Bernice Plumb’s market stall would never have been able to offer more than 300 UK job opportunities over the past 60 years. Over this time, Plumbs has built relationships with more than 350 local businesses and continues to support the upholstery industry through their apprenticeship training schemes.

Now you know all the best bits about buying British, what are you waiting for? Whether you choose to head to your local butchers, visit a craft fair or sample some of Britain’s finest furniture from a local upholsterer, one thing is for sure: nothing says ‘top quality’ like a ‘Made in Britain’ tag.

To find out why we love being one of the UK’s leading upholstery companies, take a look at our About Us page.

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