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Benefits of reupholstery over loose covers

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When your beloved furniture starts looking a bit past its prime, you’ve got a couple of options for restoring it. In all likelihood, it won’t be too long before you end up asking yourself: should I choose a new loose sofa cover (or loose chair cover), or reupholstery to restore my furniture?

Now, there are a lot of good arguments in favour of a loose sofa cover. It’s a simple, cost-effective and convenient option, and it’s a great way to switch up the colour of your sofa (if you’d like), while wiping it clean of any longstanding stains or marks. But while it’s a useful solution in many situations, it’s not suitable for every piece. When you need to completely revitalise a piece of furniture from the ground up, reupholstery is the best choice, without question. Here are a few key reasons why!

Reupholstery fixes structural issues

One of the chief drawbacks of loose sofa covers is that they only change your sofa on a relatively shallow surface level. That means they’re excellent for refreshing the appearance of your furniture, but the underlying frame has started to get worn or weak, this is an issue that only reupholstery can really fix.

Reupholstery is an even more in-depth process than creating a new sofa cover. Here at Plumbs for example, our own five-star reupholstery service encompasses:

• Removing all the existing upholstery and stripping your furniture down to its bare wood
• Inspecting the frame, tightening joints where necessary to give it greater structural stability
• Replacing any webs and springs, as required, and replacing all stuffing and padding
• Finishing by covering the piece in a fabric of your choice

Reupholstery allows you to keep all original features

If your furniture is characterised by any original features, such as wooden features or any deep buttoning, then you might be quite reasonably concerned that a loose sofa cover would well, cover them. That’s not the case with reupholstery. Because it’s a much more involved process, skilled craftsmen are able to completely revitalise your furniture while retaining all its original features, leaving the overall character of your piece intact. This way, you don’t have to wave goodbye to what could be partially what made it so special to you in the first place!

It allows for greater flexibility than loose sofa covers

As with many things in life, some pieces of furniture are more complex than others. Sometimes, that can make them fundamentally unsuitable for loose sofa covers. Recliners, drop arm sofas, or any sofas with intricately carved wood are all typical examples of the types of sofas that you might be reluctant (or unable) to source a loose sofa cover for. For these pieces, you may find that reupholstery is your only realistic option – there’s really no substitute for the expertise, experience and skill of a proper craftsman! And in fact, that leads us neatly onto our last point

You’re supporting a traditional trade

Furniture craftsmanship has been a traditional British art for generations, and it’s no easy one to learn. It takes no small amount of talent, dedication and passion, and when you have your furniture reupholstered, you’re supporting the hardworking men and women who’ve made it a way of life. What’s more, you’re getting plenty of perks in return; here at Plumbs, you can take your pick from a massive range of over 800 fabrics and colours, so that you can get your interiors looking exactly as you want them to. What’s more, our five-star furniture reupholstery service, you even get free replacement seat cushions.

If you’re still torn between whether sofa covers or furniture covers would be best for you, don’t worry – that’s exactly where we can help. Feel free to give us a quick call on 0800 019 0505 if you’ve got any questions, or you’re looking for something specific. Our team is here to help!

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