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What does your home say about you?

We couldn't agree more with this quote by famous designer Rafael de Cárdenas! We all find unique ways to express ourselves, whether consciously or not. We may buy clothes that reflect our tastes or maybe buy a new car that shares our own personalities. A key area that is most telling about who we are is how we choose to decorate our homes, and the items we surround ourselves with. So have a look around you and ask yourself, what does my home say about me?

Joanne wanted a colour scheme that reflected her bustling family life. She opted for an increasingly popular grey and yellow scheme, something to suit her and the boys! The vibrancy of the yellow really reflects the family's bubbly, active lifestyle. She chose to co-ordinate her suite fabrics, adding extra texture and style to her home - much like the many personalities that live under her roof!

Barbara loves her garden and wanted to bring elements of it into her home.  She chose a pretty, feminine colour scheme of pink and green and introduced floral design to complement her favourtie past-time.

We'd love to know - what does your home say about you?!

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