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Ring down the wing! Plumbs help find long lost wedding ring

As you can imagine we find all sorts of things down the back of furniture as we talked about in our previous post, “The Weird and The Wonderful – What’s down your sofa?” But I couldn’t resist adding another customer story that we recently received a letter about here at Head Office.

Mrs Reeve wrote to us to not only let us know how thrilled she was with her reupholstery, but also to say how delighted she was when her technical designer rang to say he had found her wedding ring that had been missing for 8 years down the wing of her arm chair.

Ring down side of sofa

Mrs Reeve said “We’ve had our furniture for about 25 years, it’s part of the family. I was thrilled when my chairs and settee were returned looking and feeling as good as new. The highlight of my story though was when Mr Marsh (the technical designer) returned a lost wedding ring after eight years!”

She also commented on the “friendly and professional manner” of the Plumbs home consultant. “He let the fabric do the talking and wasn’t pushy in his sell. It was wonderful to find a firm that were very professional from start to finish with good ‘old fashioned’ service. Well Done!”

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