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Why is my sofa creaking?

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After a long, stressful day at the office, there’s nothing better than getting home and sinking into the sofa for a Netflix binge.

But sometimes, that invaluable relaxation time is interrupted by a cacophony of sounds, creaks and squeaks from your furniture as you sit down. Which begs the question: is it normal for a sofa to creak like this? And could this be a sign that your sofa is past its best?

Well, we’re here to help troubleshoot your creaking sofa, so you can get back to unwinding in peace. Continue reading, below, to find out how to fix a squeaky sofa.

Why does my new sofa creak?

Nothing quite dampens the excitement of getting a new sofa more than the constant creaking and squeaking when you’re just trying to relax.

But don’t worry, there’s no need to start fishing your receipt out of the bin – if your new sofa is creaking, rest assured it is completely normal. All you can hear is the furniture frame adjusting to your sofa’s suspension system with the dowels and joints creaking as they flex. It’s not something that needs to be repaired or replaced yet, new furniture simply creaks as it beds in.

After a few weeks, the new sofa creaking should subside and then stop all together as it becomes more familiar with your sitting position.

Why is my old sofa creaking?

While the sound of your new sofa creaking might be par for the course, the same doesn’t apply to furniture you’ve had for years. In fact, it could be your sofa trying to tell you it’s time for a tune up.

After all, sofas on average only last between seven to 15 years. If your furniture is around about this age, those sofa creaking noises could be anything from loose glue in the frame to stiff metal joints. And those squeaky sofa springs? You’re likely sitting on not-so-comfortable rusty sofa springs.

Thankfully, we’ve got some top tips, below, to stop the squeaking without scrapping your sofa.

How to stop my sofa creaking

When it comes to how to repair a creaking sofa, there are two options open to you: grab your toolbox and try to fix these problems yourself or, if you want a safer, more time-efficient method, seek the help of a professional.

See below, for more details on these two approaches.

How to fix a squeaky sofa by yourself

If you fancy yourself as something of a DIY aficionado, then feel free to quell the source of your squeaky sofa yourself.

Start by turning over the creaking sofa and removing the dust cover (if it has one), so you can work on its underside. Then, tighten all screws, nuts and bolts that you can access, which can help stop wood joints from creaking. Those with metal framed-sofas should also use this opportunity to oil any old joints.

Getting a creaking sofa fixed by a professional

Despite your best efforts, continued creaking is often symptomatic of a wider issue that can’t be fixed with a few twiddles of a spanner. That’s when it’s time to call in the professionals.

Here at Plumbs, our rejuvenating reupholstery service strips your squeaky sofa down to its bare bones so we can identify any problems and restore it back to its former glory. From frame to filler, our experts study all aspects of your creaking sofa to ensure no spring is left unsprung. All you need to do is pick out a new furniture fabric (we have more than 800 to choose from) and we will do the rest.

And even if you don’t own a squeaky sofa, reupholstery offers a fantastic and affordable way to give your furniture a new lease of life before it starts creaking and squeaking. But ‘when should I reupholster my sofa?’ we here you ask. Don’t worry, our helpful blog post breaks down the tell-tale signs that your sofa might need a spruce up, even if it’s not in tatters.

Want to find out more about how Plumbs can fix your creaking sofa? Head over to our reupholstery page or book a free in-home appointment today with one of our local consultants.

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