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5 Easifit sofa cover fabrics - long-lasting quality for hardworking couches

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The beauty of Easifit sofa covers is that they’re practical as well as being easy to remove from a settee or couch and place in the wash. We have a stunning array of Easifit sofa covers, in fact we have nearly 100 Easifit fabrics to choose from.

Thanks to Easifit’s makeup, sofa covers from these fabrics are long-lasting and ideal for couches that see a lot of use. To simplify things, we’ve picked out 5 Easifit sofa cover fabrics that will look made for any living room you place them in.

1. Maddison – Cream

A simple, yet stylish Easifit sofa cover that’s contemporary enough to fit with many modern interiors. The neutral colour means it fits well with traditional or old-fashioned living rooms too. Cream is actually one of the most versatile colours, its neutrality means it’s able to seamlessly blend with many other fabrics, patterns and colours. It’s exactly why we’ve included Maddison – Cream and why you should consider it for your living room.

2. Ashbury – Sky

Ashbury – Sky Easifit sofa covers feature a beautiful damask design on a plain, light blue background. The subtleness and elegance of the pattern paired with the pastel blue shades means the sofa cover is just overall classy, adding a sophisticated touch to your living room.

It’s both understated and eye-catching, and adds a bright and classy presence to your living room without overdoing it. Ashbury – Sky comes in other shades too like Ashbury – Red and Ashbury – Amber, both of which are perfect if you like the pattern but prefer something a little bolder.

3. Byrom – Bordeaux

Byrom – Bordeaux is a sofa cover that is inspired by the designs of William Morris. A busy pattern set over a deep ruby red, it’s the perfect fit for a piece of furniture in a traditional English countryside style. As seen above, this sofa cover works best when set against equally dark and sumptuous colours. Or you could even throw some cushions in Perth Plain – Navy on it.

4. Ascot Tweed – Chalk

Probably the most neutral colour on this list, Ascot Tweed – Chalk is simple and stylish. Whites are always a safe bet when it comes to choosing a sofa cover shade. Bright and airy, they add a ray of sunshine to the darkest rooms and amplify the brightness of the sunniest spaces. The best thing about this sofa cover is that it comes in 7 other colours too like Lavender and Pine.

5. Ferndale – Steel

Ferndale – Steel Easifit sofa cover features a bright leaf design that is perfect for Spring/Summer months. Subtle and an understated pattern along with a pale and neutral colour palette, it’s this combination that makes it so effortless. Scarce spots of yellow dotted about the place, pair this Easifit sofa with yellow cushions to accentuate the subtleties of this sofa cover.

How to transform your old settee with Easifit sofa covers

If you have a couch or armchair that’s in need of a revamp, with our skilled craftsmen and women, we’re happy to help. It’s simple – we have a smooth, six-step process to get your old sofa or armchair looking its best again.

  1. A home visit by a Plumbs local consultant to guide you through our range of sofa cover fabrics. Our consultant will also recommend you the best fabrics they think your sofa or chair will be most suited to.
  2. A free no obligation quote, worked out in your home and provided by the consultant for the handmade settee covers you have selected.
  3. Detailed measurements of your furniture. Your consultant will take over 100 measurements of your sofa or chair so your couch covers are made exactly to size.
  4. Hand-tailored covers for a perfect fit by our craftsmen and women who make your loose covers for sofas entirely from scratch and carry out quality checks.
  5. Personal fitting of your sofa covers by your consultant at a time that best suits you.
  6. Complete the transformation with a part or total interior design makeover. Made-to-measure curtains and blinds, coordinating cushions and footstools – all can be transformed to finish off the look of your living room.

To see more information on our step-by-step process, take a minute to look on our website, all the information you need is there.

Order free fabric swatches

Why not browse our Easifit sofa cover fabrics and shortlist a few favourites? We’ll send you a free swatch pack of your chosen samples in the post.

When you’re ready to talk through your options, it’s time to book a free visit from your local consultant. They have a lot of experience and can make sure your sofa gets the makeover you deserve.

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