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Loose Covers & Reupholstery For Sofas

Here at Plumbs, we can reupholster and cover virtually any style of sofa, including total comfort furniture as well as one, two and three piece suites.

Our made to measure loose covers and expert reupholstery service allows you to replace heavy masculine leather and worn out, unfashionable fabrics with on trend plain, floral, stripe or print styles – giving tired furniture a new lease of life.

With over 800 fabrics available across our whole range, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to covering and reupholstering the likes of sofas, couches and settees.

The benefits of loose covers

  • Ensure your sofa is protected from future wear and tear
  • Instantly change the look and style of an otherwise outdated settee
  • Match an old suite to new home décor
  • Bring your existing covers back to their former glory with new foam cusions
  • Almost all of our loose covers are machine washable

A cost-effective solution

Whether you’ve changed your home décor or wish to update a prized piece of furniture without upsetting its original features, you can be sure you’re choosing a cost effective solution when opting for sofa covers and reupholstery services from Plumbs.

You’ll also be improving your home’s green credentials by recycling an existing sofa instead of simply buying a new one.


‘Easifit’ are what we refer to as our stretch loose covers. These covers offer excellent value for money and due to the flexibility in the fabric you can cover over 98% of furniture styles. These covers are easy to remove and replace so you can wash your covers and refit them for a fresh, crease free look, time after time.


Our ‘Designer’ covers differ from ‘Easifit’ covers in that they are a ‘rigid’ fabric that offers no stretch. This means the home consultant has to take extra care in the inspection and measuring of your furniture to ensure you get the best possible fit for your furniture. Almost all of our Designer covers are machine washable so you can still remove and refit your covers at your convenience.


Our Traditional loose covers are the pinnacle of our loose covers range. A pattern is made directly on your furniture by our expert crafts team – right down to the smallest detail. Your furniture is taken away where necessary to ensure a beautiful fit. The advantage of Traditional loose covers over reupholstery is that selected fabrics are machine washable.


Our comprehensive reupholstery service means you can transform your furniture from the inside out. We take your sofa or chair right back to the frame and it is rebuilt and upholstered in one of our luxurious heavy weight fabrics.

Which is best for you?

Loose sofa covers

What our customers say

“Working with Plumbs was a revelation…”
From start to finish they were highly efficient, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We are very pleased with our new covers…they have transformed our old sofa and chairs
Sarah G.
“Fantastic, quality job.”
Plumbs have done a fantastic job. Everything is perfect. The workmanship and quality of the materials is fantastic. We will happily recommend Plumbs.
Andy N
I received outstanding, personalised service from start to finish and could not be more delighted by the change the covers on my two sofas and arm chair has brought to my sitting room.
Penelope K.

We can find the right style for you

We have experts across the country who can help you create the perfect look.

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