Loose Covers & Reupholstery of Dining Chairs

loose covers or rep

Here at Plumbs, our made-to-measure loose chair covers and expert re-upholstery service will re-upholster and cover any style of dining chair for you.

Whether you choose to transform a dining room or kitchen, we guarantee to make your room beautiful. If you’re worried about finding a fabric style to suit your existing décor, rest assured there are over 600 fabrics to choose from across our whole range.

Aside from giving your dining chairs a new lease of life, re-upholstering and covering chairs will allow you to protect your existing chairs from wear and tear whilst matching new chair covers to your current interior décor for perfect interior styling.

Types of Dining Chairs Covers

From a choice of valances comprising unpiped and piped designs to skirted and pleated styles, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your taste. Bringing your dining chairs up-to-date has never been easier!


Created in a range of lengths, our valance loose covers offer a simple and sophisticated solution when it comes to protecting and updating dining chairs.

Tie-on Unpiped

For those who wish to display the legs of their chairs, tie-on dining chair covers are an ideal option.

Pleated piped and pleated unpiped

Whether you’re decking your dining room out for a dinner party or wish to add an edge of elegance to a newly transformed room, our pleated covers will transform your room in an instant.

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