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Design Explained: Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

Home All Design Explained: Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

The home decorating market is saturated with people only too willing to help your vision become a reality in your home. But amongst the design consultants, interior designers, decorators and architects, how do we know whom to turn to?

Architects are easy – they’re the building guys! Effectively they can lay out the plans for the skeleton of your home, the structure. Designers and decorators are a little harder to define, with many of us using the terms interchangeably. In reality the two professions are markedly different

Interior Designer

An interior Designer will take into account the space and intended function of a room. Their primary concern is efficiency and functionality. A good interior designer will also take into account acoustics and sound transmission. They are responsible for creating a user-friendly layout primarily, and will go on to choose appropriate furnishings and lighting to maximise the functionality of a room or space.

Interior Decorator

Decorators are not concerned with structure or layout. Their main focus is to choose furnishings, fixtures, and colour schemes that will best reflect the personality of the homeowner, including their likes and interests

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Whichever professional you choose to consult during your home design, be sure that they understand what you want to get out of the final result.

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