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Spring Cleaning can help prevent allergies in your home

Home All Spring Cleaning can help prevent allergies in your home

Most allergy sufferers dread spring as it is the time of year when allergies begin their torment, however many don’t realise that allergies in srping can be triggered by the poor quality of the air in their homes instead of the usual demon, pollen. It is very difficult to get away from pollen but it is very easy to clean out the bad air from your home.

There are a number of kits you can use to test your home for all types of allergy triggers, such as; molds, dust mites and pet dander etc. You may find that a specific type of trigger in your home is the reason for one of many allergies.

Below are some tips on how you help remove some of these triggers that can cause these allergies:

1. Use air purifiers in rooms where most of your time is spent. It is best to use a HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrest) system as they can remove up to 99.97% of microscopic air pollutants, there are many to chose from ranging from £25 to over £100, you can find some by searching “HEPA air purifiers” on Google.

2. Vacuum all carpets, flooring, furniture, curtains and anywhere dust can collect at least once a week. This will remove many pollen spores, dust and other allergens, again a HEPA vacuuum cleaner is best but any vacumm is better than none.

3. Using washable loose covers for you sofa, chairs and cushions is a great way to get rid of dust mite eggs that would otherwise build up in the fixed upholstery.

4. Shower and wash your hair every night before you go to bed. People often bring pollen and other seasonal allergens into their homes on their clothes and their hair. Use shower filters that remove chlorine and other chemicals too.

5. Keep pets off of your bed and out of your bedroom. Sorry, this is a small price to pay for allergy relief. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary from allergens. So tempt your pets to sleep elsewhere.

6. Wash all bedding in 140-degree hot water at least twice weekly to eliminate dust mites, pet allergens and pollen. Use dust mite covers for your mattresses, pillows and comforters to further protect yourself and your family from dust mites.

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