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The Great Reupholstery Cover Up!

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It is a little known fact that some reupholsterers will charge for reupholstery but actually they are just stapling a cover on top of what is already there!

This chair appeared on the Plumbs Reupholstery unit this morning to be reupholstered. It has been supposedly reupholstered before.or has it?

1. The new cover has simply been stapled on top of the old.
2. As a result the new cover has worn through on the side of the arm as there is no supporting padding
3. The customer was almost certainly of the impression that she was having her chair reupholstered.

Just a word of caution for anyone looking into reupholstery. There are lots of companies out there both large and small, who claim to be reupholsterers. Check exactly what work is actually being done before you make a decision. Stapling a cover on top of what is already there is not reupholstery. It is bad practice and gives the reupholstery craft a bad name.

What we offer:

Plumbs offer a comprehensive furniture reupholstery service of the highest standard backed up by a comprehensive three year quality guarantee.

There are many processes involved in traditional re-upholstery techniques from the basics of pin stuffing to the complex, such as deep buttoning.

As different styles of furniture require different techniques we cannot always guarantee what will be used on your furniture. The first technique, which is performed on every piece we re-upholster, is ‘taking down’ and inspecting the frame.

During this processes we can identify what needs to be done to restore your furniture to its former glory. Re-springing, for example, is not always necessary depending on the condition of the springs. On the other hand, we may need to repair parts of the frame such as loose joints.

We can guarantee that whatever needs repairing, will be expertly carried out.

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