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When considering a new suite, loose coversor reupholstery what is the most important question to ask?

For many people the top questions asked are:

1.Why should I consider covers or reupholstery instead of buying new?
2.Can you cover my style of furniture?
3.Where can I see the finished product before I buy?
4.What is the difference between covers and reupholstery?

1.Why should I consider covers or reupholstery instead of buying new?
The idea of buying covers or reupholstery for your existing furniture is something that many people do not even consider. There is a real need for education here as many people see covers as a cheap stretchy product. In fact the the modern fitted cover in contemporary cotton and linen fabrics is a handcrafted masterpiece made to the exact shape of a piece of furniture.

This is not just cheaper than buying new but is also environmentally responsible and many people love their existing furniture but don’t want it to be drab or shabby. So loose covers are the perfect solution!

Furniture reupholstery gives an even more fitted result as the fabric is actually attached to the furniture, cushions and springs are replaced and so on. The end result looks and feels quite literally like a brand new piece of furniture. So much new furniture these days is of very poor quality. For many people, to consider keeping the furniture they already have and giving it a new lease of life really is worth considering.

2.Can you cover my style of furniture?

This is an easy one to answer. Plumbs can cover or reupholster anything, and probably have in their 45 year history. Click Here to find out more.

3.Where can I see the finished product before I buy?

There are thousands of Plumbs customers all over the country. For anyone who is interested we can arrange contact so you can get the full story from someone who has already bought. There is also a fullshowroomin Preston plus various mini showrooms around the country.

Finally we exhibit at many events across the UK throughout the year from the BBC Good Homes Show to the Badminton Horse Trials. For a full list or events, please visit our events page. Plus enter one of our many competitions to win tickets.

Click here to visit our events page.

4.What is the difference betweentraditional covers and reupholstery?

Traditional covers cost a little more and are made from high quality natural, and man-made fabrics, have the look and feel of reupholstery and can be removed if necessary. The original furniture is unaffected.

Reupholstery is more invasive but arguably gives a better finished result. The process involves stripping away all the old fabric, checking the frame and springs, replacing old foams and then attaching the new choice of fabric to the frame.

To find out more about our Re-covering and Reupholstery services, see our videos on YouTube:

Click here to see all our videos on YouTube.

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