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Waste not Want not: Where to Buy Unloved Furniture!

Home All Waste not Want not: Where to Buy Unloved Furniture!

A third alternative to the popular struggle of ‘buying new or making do’ when your furniture is concerned can be answered simply! Do both! If you want a change from your sofa, chair or suite but have had enough of your current style, there’s still a choice besides having to buy brand new. Why not consider taking in unloved, second hand furniture and really putting your stamp on it with re-upholstery or loose covers in the fabric of your choice?! Great compromise right?

So where do you find these furniture treasures I hear you ask? My port of call is always online – there are a wealth of brilliant websites where you can really pick up a bargin. Consider auction sites like ebay or private listings like Preloved. You could even visit a recycling site where second hand goods are literally given away for better use in a new home! Look at freecycle and recycle to find unloved furniture in your area that could really benefit from loose covers or re-upholstery.

Another great resource you could consider is your local newspaper. You can find lots of unwanted suites or sofas in the classified ads section of your paper. Some supermarkets may even have a notice board of similar posts. And finally, never forget about the good old fashioned second-hand store! There’s bound to be one near you that may just have what you’re looking for.

Wherever you decide to find your perfect sofa, remember the one golden rule:

Don’t be put off by even the ugliest of sofas. With loose covers or re-upholstery you could completely transform it! Click here to find out more about how Plumbs loose covers and re-upholstery can make old, unloved furniture beautiful again!

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