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Wipe away worries with our new Aquaclean collection

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It’s a horror story that every homeowner knows. A muddy set of paws, a teetering glass of red wine, or an open felt tip pen all slightly too close to your favourite sofa. Time might stop, you might try to prevent the inevitable, but it’s too late. Your sofa suddenly has an almighty stain.

From darling children to mischievous pets and clumsy partners, spills and stains are all a part of family life. So, what if we told you that you could have a stain proof sofa that can be cleaned with nothing more than water? You might not believe us, or maybe you’ll imagine a fabric that’s rough with stain repellent chemicals. Well, let us introduce you to Aquaclean.

Aquaclean is a revolutionary fabric that has been changing the game in busy households for a few years now. As a well-established part of the Plumbs range, we have recently extended our Aquaclean fabric collection to include a selection of beautiful patterned and textured designs – meaning more options for you and your home.

How does it work?

A lot of very clever science goes into the Aquaclean technology to produce an advanced fabric protector that covers every fibre with an invisible molecular layer to prevent dirt from settling on the fabric.

It’s still fully fire retardant for peace of mind, and has no impact upon the softness and comfort of the fabric. Plus the high rub count means it’s incredibly hardwearing and bound to last the years to come.

How to clean a stained sofa

We’ve written blogs in the past about how to clean sofa upholstery at home, and even the simplest methods require a list of ingredients and a whole lot of elbow grease. Aquaclean makes the process simple; apply water, and gently dab with a cloth until the stain vanishes. It even works on stains that have dried over 24 hours!

We’re so confident in the technology, that we’ve previously taken it on live TV for a demonstration. You can see examples of various stains being cleaned from Aquaclean fabric here. So with the season of spills approaching, why not save your sofa ahead of time?

Our new Aquaclean collection includes five additional designs and textures in a range of colourways. Plus for a limited time only you can receive 20% off your order as part of our introductory offer!

Make mess a thing of the past and book your free in-home visit today.

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