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Energy Saving Lining Options - Save £££s

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Complete the look with our top quality linings

We offer four types of linings which allow you to personalise your curtains and blinds even further, with chilly rooms or sensitive sleepers all catered for in our range of options.

* Standard * Blackout
* Thermal Interlining * NEW Energy Reflective


We are delighted to launch our new energy reflective curtain lining

In a typical application, a window combined with a curtain lined with energy reflective silver lining, transmits up to five times less heat energy when compared to the same combination using a conventional cotton lining.

Comparison of curtain linings

What is the difference between Standard, Blackout, Thermal Interlined and Energy Reflective Linings?


Standard lining - used to enhance and give the face fabric a backing, they help to make the curtains drape beautifully and to protect the curtain fabric from direct sunlight.


Blackout Lining - a specialised lining fabric that will block out the light from your window. Typically used in bedrooms but can be used in any room. It will help block the curtains from direct sunlight and therefore stop fading. Blackout lining will also keep your room cool during the day when curtains are drawn to keep the sun out.

Thermal Interlining

Thermal Interlining – a specialised lining which will not only keep your room warm and cosy throughout those colder months, but it will also keep hot air out by reflecting it outside in the warmer months. This interlining can help reduce energy consumption and is perfect for a window or door that has a draft. Thermal interlining is used with standard or blackout lining and will give the curtains a beautiful drape.

Energy Reflective lining

Energy Reflective lining - this hybrid lining has all the properties of both blackout and thermal linings combined. It’s proven to reflect heat energy out of, or into, a window, keeping heating costs down in the winter, reducing air conditioning costs in the summer, or both! It traps insulating air and excludes drafts, a true thermal.

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