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A Passion for Purple

As autumn nights roll in, the skies become truly beautiful, bursting with low sunlight before melting into the dusky lilac of twilight. Purple is an archetypal Autumn hue, reflected in the lowering light and the juicy berries which suddenly burst from every hedgerow and shrub.

Purple is an elegant, regal hue, with amethyst coloured dyes originally reserved for emperors due to their rarity and costliness. It looks wonderful when used in a monochromatic way, with multiple shades; soft lilacs complementing red toned purples and deep, royal hues that conjure rich evening gowns, classic Cadburys chocolate and sumptuous velvet all at once.  The colour is a part of the traditional autumnal palette, ranging from almost neutral to deep, gorgeous jewel tones which reference nature's beauty.

Plumbs Reupholstery

Fresh and luxurious reupholstery is one way – once our consultants discuss options with you and measure your furniture, we can arrange to have your furniture reupholstered by professionals. A stack of gorgeous throw cushions is another way to incorporate purple into your home décor. For contrast, consider arranging a bowl of lavender blooms; the light blue purple as counterpart to richer hues along with the fresh, sharp fragrance of the flowers, refreshing your lounge.

Joanna Whitworth

Home Decor enthustiast and employee of Plumbs Loose Covers and Reupholstery.

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