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On Trend with Tartan

From Westwood's sharp punk cuts to Chanel's timeless elegance, Tartan has become a fashionable pattern long associated with riding jackets, kilts and autumn style.  You can capture this enduring trend for your home with fabric, prints and hangings.

Plumbs Re-upholstery

Tartan is perfect for making a real impression in the autumn and winter months.  The pattern conjures images of breezy Highland scenes and blazing fire places. This high quality, majestic Balmoral Red re-upholstery fabric is a real winner, particularly when re-upholstered to sturdy, traditional furniture. To complete the look we’ve reupholstered a foot stool in a simple red fabric, to pick out the tones of the Tartan fabric.


Tartan Wallpaper

A bold choice which often finds favour in country homes and Highland manors, tartan wallpaper can lend a regal air to the most ordinary of rooms. It works best paired with dark, antique furniture, deep red carpets and a bold personality. If you choose to use the plaid pattern in your dining room, you should favour crisp white tablecloths, dark bronze sculptures and a set of dining chair covers in either red or deep gold.

Plumbs Re-upholstery

Another option is to pep up a plainer room with tartan accessories; a set of throw pillows in Heather Skye, or a stack of vintage blankets, paired with a matching pouffe or even a plaid beanbag for the kids. Candles, coat racks and teapots can all be purchased in traditional tartan patterns, or in contemporary reinterpretations by designers who love to subvert existing motifs and make them edgy again.

If you want to ensure your home is on trend with tartan, contact Plumbs today for a free, no obligation quote for loose covers made from our fabulous plaid re-upholstery fabrics.

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