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Scarlet Fever!

With patriotism at an all time high and the temprature beginning to hot up, today's topic for inspiration is the colour currently plastered on the nation's homes and high street windows: red.  This vibrant hue is often considered a daring choice for interior design, but the bold and brave often result in striking, unique homes so it's certainly worth a thought!

Red is a great colour for using with geometric shapes for a retro look.  Try combining with grey and white for a family room that's not too feminine and not too masculine.

Be inspired in your study with a bright pop of red.  Create a vintage feel with gold and black antique props.  We love this traditional typewriter: a great mix of old meets new!

The colour of love, red is perfect for creating a romantic, cosy feeling in your bedroom.  Break it up with crisp white linen and furniture.  This white decal is a great way of breaking up the solid block of colour on the walls.

A truly luxurious colour for any bathroom, red is perfect for bringing vibrancy to a bright bathroom or creating a moody feel in smaller, darker bathrooms.

Red is becoming an increasingly popular choice in kitchens, and it's not hard to see why.  Adopting a red and wood scheme you can create a cosy country style kitchen, or choose gloss red and black for a retro 50's diner!

Where would you use red in your home?  We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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