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Ascot Tweed: our revolutionary new fabric

If you’ve known Plumbs for a long time, you’ll know that stretch fabrics are an area of expertise, and despite our large range of non-stretch designs, we still see plenty happy of customers buying our Easifit range every year.

It’s not difficult to understand the appeal of a stretch fabric… Easy to wash and easy to style – it’s no wonder we call it Easifit! And now there’s yet another reason to add a bit of stretch to your sofa: Ascot Tweed.


This revolutionary new fabric holds all the benefits of our Easifit range, with the modern style of a woven tweed fabric. This isn’t just a new fabric to Plumbs, however, it’s also brand new to the market. We’ve been actively working with the fabric developers to ensure the perfect look, feel and style for the design, and now it’s here, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Plus, the washable design proves perfect for family life, bound to keep your sofa looking fresh despite the spills and stains that try to make their mark. (Though if stretch isn’t your style, why not take a look at our new Aquaclean range?)

The hardwearing fabric will beautifully shape itself to the contours of your furniture, keeping its tailored finish at all times. It’s also available in a range of colours, including Atlantic, Steel, Pine, Lavender, Chalk and Wicker, so you’re bound to find a colour that complements your home.


Wondering how Ascot Tweed would look in your home? Let one of our in-home consultants stretch your imagination in a free, no-obligation home visit. Book your visit today to receive our introductory offer of 25% off all Ascot Tweed colourways.

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