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5 Signs your furniture needs to be reupholstered

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From box-set binges to afternoon snoozes, you and your sofa spend a lot of time together. In fact, one survey revealed that the average Brit will spend a whopping 271 days-worth of TV on their sofa!

So, when your sofa begins to look tired and tattered, it’s only natural to want to hold onto it. Luckily, we at Plumbs can give your sofa the kiss of life – simply by reupholstering its fabric.

But how do you know when to reupholster your favourite furniture? Some say the average lifespan is between seven and 15 years, but there are some more visible signs you should look out for.

Here are just a few.

1. Stubborn stains

Unless you blanket your sofa in bubble-wrap, stubborn stains and spillages are bound to occur. Unfortunately, these mishaps can often be too deep-set for the likes of lemon juice and water.

Of course, you could always try sending the sofa off for a professional clean- but sometimes even an expert’s touch isn’t the answer. To save yourself from constant scrubbing, you may want to consider reupholstery. Here at Plumbs, we banish stubborn stains by fitting your sofa with brand-new fabric.

Alternatively, you can browse our range of sofa covers to cover up bothersome spills.

2. Damaged fabric

Naughty dog sitting on chewed up sofa

While some stains can be scrubbed clean, it will take a pro to repair damaged sofa fabric.

Unsightly rips, tears and frayed edges instantly age a sofa, and ignoring them will only make the damage worse. Similarly, if your sofa has been exposed to natural light, you’ll have to look beyond cleaning solutions to revamp faded fabric.

Rather than cover any blemishes with tactically-placed scatter cushions or sofa covers, reupholstery can give your furniture a second chance.

3. Lingering odours

Sofa fabric has a bad habit of holding onto whiffy smells (particularly if you’re a smoker or a pet owner).

While some home remedies are usually enough to remove any bad odours, it could cause damage to your sofa in the long run – especially if you’re spraying fabric freshener every day.

If this sounds familiar, you’ll need the help of a professional. Whether this is in the form of a professional cleaner or an expert reupholsterer, you’re guaranteed fresher-smelling fabric that will last for years to come.

4. Compromised comfort

Woman getting comfortable on a sofa

Comfort is the most important characteristic of any sofa.

That’s why you’ll soon notice when your couch cushions begin to sag. To restore your sofa to optimal cosiness, the solution could be as simple as adding new filling to the cushions to make them plump once more.

This isn’t the case for all uncomfortable seats, though. Worn springs and frayed arms will need an expert craftsman to put right. At Plumbs, we can restore your sofa within a few short weeks.

5. You feel like a change

While reupholstery might help to bring damaged sofa fabric back from the brink, it’s also an opportunity to redesign your space.

We have more than 800 different patterns and colourways to choose from, giving you more design options than you can shake a cushion at. Take on a Paul Smith aesthetic with our Italian Stripe fabric, or brighten up your living room with our fuchsia-coloured Cardinal fabric.

YTake advantage of free expert advice by organising a home consultation with us to peruse patterns and colours in person.

Do you think your sofa could do with a revamp? Browse our reupholstery services to see how you could give your sofa a new lease of life.

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