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How to create a peaceful living space

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A living room is a place for all occasions: a space to host parties, have an afternoon snooze, catch up on Netflix and video chat with friends. It’s where we go to kick back, switch off and just relax.

And now, with lockdown still very much a-go, feeling stress-free during what is a rather stressful time has never been more essential. But what’s the secret to feeling more peaceful when we’re all holed up at home? Well, a good in-road is to craft a blissful sanctuary!

From soothing colour palettes to balanced statement pieces, find everything you need to know about creating a calming décor, below.

Lift your mood with light

There’s a reason why bad moods are ‘gloomy’ and good moods are ‘bright and cheerful’. It’s a thing; natural light just makes us feel better. So, of course, you’ll want to inject these good feelings throughout your home, too.

To cheer up your space, introduce ample natural lighting with simple ‘happy’ swaps. For instance, think about switching dark wallpaper for lighter, brighter styles, or replacing heavy curtains with subtle blinds. Just one of these small swaps will give your space that lift it’s been asking for – yes, even on a cloudy day.

As for your lamps and lighting fixtures, always opt for warm white LEDs to create a zen ambience. That way, even when the sun has set, you can still achieve a warm and welcoming glow throughout your home.

Pull it back

Eggshell Blue And Slate Grey Calm Living Room

As with natural light, colour schemes have the innate ability to instantly lift a living space. For calming décor, this means elevating your space with warm tones that are easy on the eye.

If you’re stuck for calming colour inspiration, think about the various peaceful environments you enjoy the most. An empty field with a big blue sky; the blissful quiet of a snowy day; sunbathing by the beach – all these scenarios share the same serene colour palette of pale blues, earth greens, pristine whites and soft yellows. Take note of these tones – they are ideal base colours for a peaceful living room.

As for patterns, simplicity holds sway. For instance, busy optical artwork might look funky, but is it putting your head in a spin? Whimsical paisley prints might be a good point of interest, but do they make your décor look cluttered? To effortlessly strike the balance between intriguing and tranquil, use patterns sparingly (on scatter cushions, curtains, etc.) – this gives them licence to grab attention, without overwhelming the senses.

Stay symmetrical

Picture frames perfectly positioned, furniture squared neatly towards the television, a centralised coffee table; there’s a reason why unsymmetrical interiors just feel a bit ‘off’. Our eyes love to absorb balance.

Just think about it. What do symmetrical scenes mean to you? If you’re like the majority of people, they probably denote a sense of composure and careful consideration, whereas unsymmetrical settings are chaotic, messy, muddled. That’s why, to achieve an organised mind, a harmonious, balanced décor is key.

But how do you do it? Well, a good place to start is to declutter. By reducing the number of items in your living room, you minimise the number of off-centre opportunities that could contribute to an overall ‘messy’ décor.

After this, it’s just the case of ensuring the statement pieces you have left over remain symmetrical. Whether this means bordering your sofa with an armchair either side or flanking that bare shelving unit with candlesticks, there are no rules – just stick to what feels right and aim for equilibrium where possible.

Feeling zen? Great – now’s your chance to create that calming lounge décor you’ve been lusting after. For inspiration, dip into the Plumbs sofa fabric and curtains range to find the perfect peaceful colour match for your living room.

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