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How to make a rented house a home

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With flexible fixed-term contracts, renting is an increasingly popular option for those who want a place of their own, but don’t have the capital to put down a house deposit.

Yet despite the financial advantages, the main drawback – living in a space which is owned by someone else – means decorating a rental property can often be more trouble than it’s worth.

But don’t despair if you are looking to make a rented house feel like home; there are still little points of personalisation that can have a big impact. Continue reading, below, for our top rental décor ideas.

1. Cover up bare walls

Rental décor ideas for bare walls

While bare walls might appeal to minimalist sensibilities, decorating your rental home with pictures of family or pieces of art are sure-fire ways to put your stamp on your surroundings.

However, using nails to hang up picture frames can damage walls and land you in hot water with your landlord. Instead, consider investing in adhesive strips to ensure you get your security deposit back in full.

These sticky pieces of plastic might not seem like much, but they’re excellent for hanging cherished family photos and beloved paintings with minimal fuss. Best of all, when it’s moving out day, gently peel them off the wall to reveal a seemingly untouched wall. Job done!

TOP TIP: While they are kind to walls, adhesive strips could tear delicate wall coverings – like embossed wallpaper, for instance. Rather than ruin your rented walls, lean picture frames against a wall for a cool, bohemian look.

2. Swap out the curtains

Whether or not your rental home comes equipped with curtains, you can transform your space by picking out a brand new set.

Not only do curtains instantly bring a warm, cosy feel to any room but they are also relatively easy to swap out. Have a light and spacious rented home? Glacier Midnight eyelet curtains on metallic poles break up blocky walls beautifully. Or perhaps you want to complement a roaring fireplace and comfy armchair with the traditional tartan style of Opal Callanish Plaid.

If you’re unsure which curtains are right for your home, read our in-depth guide here.

3. Light it up

Using lighting to make a rental feel like home

In the excitement of looking at samples of paint and hunting for the right rug, lighting is an often-overlooked element of decorating. Yet, it is one of the quickest ways to transform the ambience of any room.

A tactically placed lamp in the corner can have a dramatic effect on the look of your living room. It can draw attention to showstopping focal points, enhance the colour scheme and brighten up your living room during the winter. Experiment with different positions for your lamp to find the optimal lighting for a room.

On a smaller scale, you can also buy different lightbulbs to alter the mood of your space. An amber lightbulb, for example, is perfect for creating a warm and cosy ambience.

4. Buy a sofa cover

In many cases, renting can save you a small fortune on furniture. However, your customisation options are more limited in a fully furnished property. Plus, who knows how many tenants have used the sofa before you moved in?

To take back control, without shelling out for a brand new suite, consider Plumbs’ made-to-measure sofa covers. From beautiful bouquet patterns to eye-catching shades of rouge, these handy fabrics allow you to revamp your lounge as you see fit.

It’s not just sofas that can enjoy a quick makeover either – we provide covers for armchairs, dining chairs, stools and even futons. The best part? Our furniture covers are satisfyingly simple to put on and remove. Not to mention, they’re a cinch to clean – just pop them in the washing machine to remove any unsightly spills or stains.

Looking for ways to stamp your personality on your rental home? Browse our huge collection of fabrics for sofa covers and curtains over at the Plumbs website.

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