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How to style a corner sofa

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Perfect for curling up on after a long day at work, corner sofas are without a doubt the “pared-down” piece every homeowner needs.

However, don’t let their laid-back look fool you – there is much to consider before picking your favourite statement sofa. From deciding where it should go to choosing a complementary colour scheme, L-shaped sofas are a key component of interior design.

Take a look at our tips, below, to see how to dress your corner sofa like a pro.

Decide on a theme

To make sure your L-shaped sofa works in harmony with the rest of your décor, the first thing you should consider is your space. Ask yourself whether your lounge looks shabby chic or, does it have a modern look; have you chosen a minimalist design, or are busy patterns more your style?

Similarly, if you have a specific colour scheme in mind, the best plan of action is to narrow your choices down to three primary complementary shades. For instance, light tones such as greens, greys and creams are ideal for creating a modern Scandi feel, whilst charcoals, deep reds and browns comprise many “country-style” homes.

If you’re unsure about your theme, or are looking to refresh your space with a new look, take a look at Pinterest where you will find plenty of corner sofa styling ideas.

TOP TIP: Don’t be afraid of adding a “pop of colour” to your surroundings. If your colour palette allows for yellow, for instance, play with different complementary shades (sunshine yellow is popular in modern décor, while mustard yellow has a classic look).

Modular corner sofa styling ideas

Choose cushions carefully

Cushions are a real “make it or break it” accessory on a corner sofa, so it’s worth putting time aside to get them just right. Channel your inner Kirstie Allsopp, however, and you could find yourself with a corner sofa that looks like it’s been cut straight from an interiors magazine.

How many cushions do I need for a corner sofa?

The first thing you should think about is how many cushions you’re going to need. If your corner sofa sits three people, between 3-6 cushions is a good amount, while larger L-shaped sofas look fantastic with a few more cushions added (around 9).

TOP TIP: As L-shaped sofas have three focal points, the number of cushions you choose should always be in multiples of three (one for either end, and another for the corner section). This helps to draw the eye to the key areas of your corner sofa.

Grey L-shaped sofa cushion styling ideas

Which sofa cushion colours should I choose?

The last thing you want to do when styling a sofa is to choose “matchy-matchy” cushions. Instead, choose a contrasting colour that stands out from your sofa’s fabric. If your corner sofa is black, pick a light complementary colour, such as light blue, to add a punch of colour. Or, if you have a cream sofa, try dark tones on your cushions. If you don’t have a colour in mind, take inspiration from the complementary colours you’ve already chosen for your theme.

When it comes to embroidery, modular corner sofas pair well with chevrons, checks and polka-dot patterns. On the other hand, if you are styling a traditional corner sofa, such as a Chesterfield, simple striped patterns are a classic way to finish off the look.

TOP TIP: A good rule of thumb to follow when choosing sofa cushions is to match the colour and/or pattern to your curtains. If you can’t find a colour combination you like, don’t worry – here at Plumbs we cover cushions and curtains so you can style your lounge just the way you like it.

Mix and match accessories

If your corner sofa doesn’t complement the rest of your space, it doesn’t matter how big and beautiful it is; it just won’t work.

However, there is lots you can do to make your existing décor look the part. If your L-shaped sofa has a rustic look, pull a textured rug underneath. If your sofa curves around the corner (rather than as two rectangles), choose a square coffee table to add new dimensions to your décor. Opted for a dark sofa fabric? Try placing a floor lamp by its side to lighten up your space.

TOP TIP: If your favourite accessories don’t match your sofa, simply throw on one of Plumbs’ sofa covers or get one of our professionals to reupholster your corner sofa for a fresh-from-the-showroom look.

Now you know how to style your L-shaped sofa, the next step is to find the perfect matching sofa fabric for your décor. Take a look at Plumbs’ reupholstery options for expert advice and inspiration.

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