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What are the different types of curtains?

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Curtains are useful for much more than just shutting out the world for a good night’s sleep. They’re a stylish statement piece which, with the right hanging style, can transform a lifeless room into an intriguing and instantly chic space.

From elegant pinch pleats to uniform eyelet folds, there is a huge range of curtain styles to choose from. The only question is: which style will complement your décor best?

That’s where we come in. To learn more about the most popular curtain styles, and to see which will look perfect in your pad, browse our helpful guide.

What are pencil pleat curtains?

Stylish Décor With Pencil Pleat Curtains

One of the most popular curtain styles, pencil pleat curtains (so called because their streamlined look resembles a line of pencils) offer a tidy and welcoming look to lounges, bedrooms and dining areas.

With their signature bunched headings, pretty A-line folds and gently folding fabric, they complement homes which have a traditional or eclectic aesthetic. Best of all, they’re flexible in how they hang; pencil pleat curtains can be suspended from either tracks or poles and for a formal look, you can bunch your pleats close together, or you can spread them out if you’re working around modern décor and bold patterns.

TOP TIP: While you can choose to hang your pencil pleat curtains on either tracks or poles, the former tends to be used for more traditional looks, while poles are preferred for contemporary homes.

What are pinch pleat curtains?

As the name suggests, pinch pleat curtains have a signature ‘pinch’ near the top of their heading tape. Each pinch is aligned at the same height, so that orderly, deep folds flow from each ream. The result is a formal yet understated aesthetic that looks great in traditional lounges and dining areas alike.

Unlike other curtain types, there are pleating ‘fingers’ which you should consider before opting for pinch pleat curtains. Generally, there are four variations: two, three, four, and five-finger pinch pleats (the ‘fingers’ refer to how many folds are in the bunch of fabric before it is pinched).

Those looking to decorate a traditional décor, or who wish to give off a luxurious look, should opt for five-finger pleats, while minimalist homes suit curtains with fewer pinch pleats.

TOP TIP: If you are hanging heavy blackout curtains, pinch pleats are an ideal choice; their robust hanging style is perfect for thick fabrics with deep folds.

What are eyelet curtains?

The simplest – and often cheapest – curtain style, eyelet curtains are a breeze to hang; all you need to do is thread the curtain pole through the attached metal rings.

What’s more, there are no cords or fiddly hooks to deal with when opening and closing your curtains – this makes them a great choice for busy rooms, such as bedrooms and lounges.

Along with being simple to install, eyelet curtains are well-known for their deep, wavy folds which, whether hung loose or bunched in curtain ties, are easy on the eye.

TOP TIP: Eyelet curtains are ideal for children’s’ bedrooms as the attached metal rings prevent fabric from being tugged and torn.

What are cased heading curtains?

Woman Hanging Cased Heading Curtains On A Pole

Also known as ‘slot top’ or ‘rod pocket’ curtains, cased heading curtains are so called because their casing (the panel of fabric at the top which attaches to the pole) comes sewn into the heading of the curtain. At the top, the fabric bunches up into neat lines, while the fabric below the casing boasts a soft, delicate drop.

Something to remember, however, is that this curtain style does not have chunky pleats to strengthen its folds, meaning heavy fabrics can often look lumpy and unattractive. On the other hand, lightweight fabrics, such as net, sheer and voile, look effortlessly chic, and work well in spaces where curtains are pulled back permanently, such as a dining area or formal sitting room.

What are tab top curtains?

Tab top curtains, with their signature ‘dropped’ heading and open square panels, are fantastic for finishing off modern décor.

Popular for their simplistic and stylish drop, tab top curtains are super easy to hang up – there are no hooks to deal with; all you need is a steady hand to slot the fabric through the curtain pole.

Unlike other curtain types, headings on tab top curtains are usually separated with a different colour from the rest of the fabric. As a result, these types of curtains deliver both a colour pop and a contemporary edge.

TOP TIP: If you opt for a curtain style which attaches to a pole, make sure that the pole remains dust-free, especially if you are opening and closing them regularly; dust makes the pole abrasive, which can snag curtains when they slide across.

Here at Plumbs, we love nothing more than turning your favourite fabric into a pair of beautiful, bespoke curtains. If you have old curtains which need replacing, or simply want to revamp your space, take a look at our made-to-measure curtain fabrics. Alternatively, to see how we measure and fit curtains in your home, take a look here.

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