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6 sofa accessories you never knew you needed

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The day has come: your new sofa has arrived and it’s just as attractive as you remember. The seat cushions look just as plump as they did and it fits perfectly in your space (there’s even that “new fabric” smell to it). But there’s something missing. For some reason, it feels a little bare.

So, what can you do to bring your sofa to life? That’s easy – just add a few sofa accessories. From plush pet throws to decorative antimacassars, there are several soft furnishings that make a big difference to your furniture’s final look.

Carry on reading to see which sofa accessories could transform your space.

Arm covers

Between pet claws and perching guests, sofa arms endure their fair share of wear and tear.

To keep them in tip-top shape, you need to invest in arm covers. These blend in beautifully with upholstery fabrics so you can seamlessly – and stylishly – protect your furniture.

For the very best, visit Plumbs. Here, we offer made-to-measure arm covers that are tailored to the unique contours of your sofa or chair. Your guests will never notice the difference.


While the word ‘antimacassars’ might bring to mind out-dated cloths that resemble tea cosies, nowadays, they are far more attractive.

Originally designed to protect upholstery from a hair balm called ‘Macassar oil’ (a popular serum during the 19th-century), antimacassar designs are now typically used as decorative affectations. They’re also still handy for extending the life of well-loved fabrics.

Scatter cushions

cardinal tealDon’t skim this one. While scatter cushions might just look like furniture frippery, they are actually great for enhancing your room’s colour palette.

A staple of show homes and Instagram feeds alike, scatter cushions are accessories which can single-handedly transform plain furniture.

Use your scatter cushions to inject bright colours, new patterns and luxurious textures into your space. For an additional ‘fancy’ feel, add embellished bolster cushions either side of your sofa.

Pet throws

Dog on pet throws on a sofa

Fed up of pet hairs ruining your furniture? Can’t stand muddy pawprints on your cream sofa? It’s time for a pet throw.

Pet throws create a cosy, hygge feel to surroundings — and all without detracting from your lounge’s statement pieces. Whether you opt for fluffy fleece, cuddly wool or faux fur, pet throws make homes a haven for guests and pets alike.


Cream sofa with yellow footstool

Whether you call it a ‘footstool’, ‘ottoman’ or ‘pouffe’, this accessory is essential for those who like to relax in style.

Had a long day? Put your feet up and wind down. Looking for extra seating when the relatives come over? Pull up a stool. They’re also fantastic for storing loose magazines and kids’ toys.

Alternatively, if you already have a footstool that’s looking a little dated, you can reinvigorate it with the help of Plumbs. Browse our beautiful range of pouffe fabrics, here.

Arm shapers

If you constantly find yourself scrambling between seat cushions to locate lost remotes, you’ll know the importance of sofa organisation. For this, an arm shaper is ideal.

Fine-tuning upholstery and introducing a handy storage compartment for knick-knacks, arm shapers are the ultimate accessory for those who wish to kick back while keeping things in order.

Which sofa accessory will you buy for your new or reupholstered suite? For more about perfecting your living space, take a look at the Plumbs accessories range.

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