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Without question, one of the things that makes Christmas such a magical time is the stunning array of colours, lights and styles that have always been closely associated with the festive season. Every year, we’re all wowed by the newest Christmas displays, the trendiest colour schemes, and the eclectic mix of decorations to choose from.

Most Christmas schemes are instantly recognisable as seasonal styles through and through, and while nobody wants a Christmas look in their house all year round (the festive season can start to lose its sparkle otherwise), there are plenty of intriguing elements that don’t necessarily have to be confined to winter. All these jubilant colours and styles can still inspire some fantastic colour schemes for the rest of the year – here are four of our favourites!

Red and white colour schemes

Perhaps one of the most famous festive colour combinations, red and white schemes are highly evocative of Christmas stockings, candy canes, and of course the timeless uniform of old Saint Nick himself. Red is an excellent choice if you want to imbue your interiors with a sense of energy and vibrancy, as it has a uniquely invigorating effect.

It offers a particularly punchy contrast with paired with the otherwise cooler palette of white, and you can round out the edges with another cool accent colour like blue or green. Make sure to treat red with caution though – if you feel it might be too overpowering for your own interiors, it might be better to keep it as an accent colour rather than a main one.

Gold, silver and white

An elegant classic for Christmas, this colour scheme works well all year round to create a rich, sophisticated look to any room. The cooler white shade works to establish a clean and contemporary feel, while silver and gold accents are brilliant for adding that extra touch of luxuriousness. However, it comes with one obvious trade-off – all that beauty can be a lot harder to keep looking clean. It’s therefore worth making sure you only opt for it if you know you’ve got the time or resources to keep it clean – and it may not be one for family homes with curious pets or energetic kids!

Blue and white

A popular alternative to the traditional warmth of reds and golds, this icy palette is amazing for the festive season if you like the idea of a winter wonderland in your room. For the rest of the year, it can smoothly transition to a distinctly cool and nautical vibe – a perfect option if you’re living by the sea!

What’s more, humans find blue intrinsically calming as well, so it’s always a safe bet if you prefer the idea of having a place to sit back, relax, and let your daily stresses just drift away. If you’re planning on sticking with simple shades of blue and white, you might want to consider different textures to give the space depth and keep it looking visually interesting. Wooden chairs and coffee tables are just a couple of good examples for how you can do this.

Purple, green and blue

Perhaps the most intriguing and experimental colour combinations on our list. They’re all colours with their own Christmas connotations – purple for luxurious gifts, green for the festive fir trees, and blue for the clear ice and cool skies outside. When mixed together, they all combine to create a style with a fascinating sense of contrast.

However, purple is a notably strong colour so you’ll have to be careful about how you use it, or it can be all too easy to create a space that comes off as busy. The key is balance, so it’s worth following that golden rule of choosing two main colours, and one as an accent colour. Personally, we think that green and purple offset each other nicely, as they’re on opposite ends of the colour wheel, while blue can make for a nicely elegant accent colour.

As ever though, these are all just general advice – when it comes right down to it, the final decision is all up to you! You can be sure of one thing; whatever kinds of colours you have in mind, we’ll have just the fabrics to suit you here at Plumbs. You can explore our full range of sofa covers or chair covers here, or if you’re looking for something specific (or you need any advice), feel free to give us a call on 0800 019 0505. With more than 60 years of experience behind us, you can count on us to have the answers!

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