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Decoration ideas to get your lounge ready for Halloween

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It’s Halloween! Time to enjoy some seasonal, spooky fun. To get you in the spirit, why not consider kitting out your living room with some Halloween themed decorations? You can easily get creative with some common household items and craft some fun decorations that will bring the Halloween atmosphere to your home.

We love this time of year here at Plumbs, and we highly recommend that you take advantage of the seasonal changes to create a beautiful autumnal vibe within your living room with a Halloween backdrop to suit the time of year. Here’s how you can do just that.

Ghoulish ghosts and brilliant bats

Kick off your living room redecoration with some Halloween crafts that will set the tone for your lounge. Paper bat banners and floating ghosts make for a fun addition to your living room, and they can be easily made either on your own or with your children. They can be fitted pretty much anywhere you like – you could hang them from the wall in various ways, making them seem like they’re taking off or in-flight, you could hang them from the fireplace, or even have them dangling from your curtain rails!

Create a creepy Halloween coffee table

Try placing some lace spider webs over your table along with a white tablecloth can help make everything pop and stand out. From there, try adding some seasonal items that suit the occasion like fake skulls, spiders, ravens and so on. These kind of decorations serve as an anchor point for the rest of the room, and can be transferred over to the dining table if you plan on hosting a frighteningly good dinner party.

Upcycled Halloween books

If you’ve got a bookshelf in your living room, adding some creepy Halloween themed books can be a really cool way of infusing it with a bit of Halloween spirit! And if you’ve got any old books lying around that you’re not going to read again, you don’t have to throw them away – instead, use wrapping paper to transform your old books into fun and enchanting features that are sure to be a topic of conversation with anyone who comes to visit. Consider “Spell books” “potions” and “dark magic” novels, and placing them on your shelf amongst your other selections. Put them anywhere in the house and watch the reactions of your guests.

These are just a few ideas on how you can bring some Halloween hi-jinks to your living room space, and all of them can be tweaked and modified to fit really well within the autumnal feel of the season. If you fancy a change of sofa covers to fit with your theme, you’re in the right place.

Here at Plumbs, we specialise in rejuvenating old and tired furniture with ourreupholstery service. All you need to do is pick anew fabricand we will do the rest; within weeks, your eco-friendly chairs or sofa will look brand new again. Take a look on our site to find yourlocal Plumbs consultanttoday.

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