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Dress Your Windows for Darker Nights

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As the nights grow darker it’s only natural that we find ourselves gravitating indoors and relaxing in our own home. So what better time of year to explore some of your window dressing options: curtains, blinds, shutters and window film.

There are many different solutions available to you and the choice of window dressing can differ from room to room, with some solutions more practical than others. You should consider the size of your windows and the style of your home.


A popular choice for adorning our windows, curtains have far more benefits than it may at first seem. Not only are they easily drawn and help to soften your windows, but did you know that curtains are a great way of keeping those heating bills down?

Particularly with lined and interlined curtains, having an extra barrier between your room and your windows will help to keep warm air in and cold air out! Adding a pelmet also helps as it prevents warm air that has risen from falling behind your curtains as it cools, and escaping through the windows.


We are all aware of the practical benefits of blinds in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen. They stay neatly rolled or pulled up out of the way until we are ready for them. But blinds are fast becoming popular choices for adding to living rooms and bedrooms. Used alone, a roller or roman blind can give a contemporary feel to a room. Or you could try combining with matching curtains for a co-ordinated look. Curtain and Blind combinations are great for adding extra depth to your windows. Plus, blinds also contribute toward keeping cool air out on those cold winter nights!


A pretty feature that can often add character to your home, shutters are becoming increasingly popular for bedrooms. Enabling the most control over light levels, shutters can be pushed wide open to allow maximum natural light to flood in during the day. You could even consider coloured shutters to bring interest and life to neutral rooms. The pink shutters here combine beautifully with the white colour scheme to create a chic, feminine study.

Window Film

This is great to use in bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens where window space may be tight. The frosted film can provide privacy whilst still allowing light in and you could even opt for a unique design to add extra interest to your windows.

You could opt for full window film like this one or just film half way up your window for that extra touch of privacy. With so many designs available on the high street and online there’s sure to be something for every taste!

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