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Interior Design Features: Low Vs High Ceilings

Home All Interior Design Features: Low Vs High Ceilings

It’s amazing the things that make a huge impact on our homes: the decor, the colour scheme, the layout. But would you believe that the height of your ceiling is a also major contributing factor to the overall atmosphere of your living space?! Both low and high ceilings come with their own pros and cons, and each need to be treated accordingly.

High Ceilings

Most commonly found in period homes, a high ceiling with it’s natural air ventilation was essential to ensuring the smooth running and comfort of the home. But today this can often go against us, with higher ceilings making it more costly to keep the room warm. On the plus side, a high ceiling allows more opportunity for natural light to filter in, creating an airy and bright living room.

Higher ceilings are also making an appearance in more modern home designs, particularly with the recent popular conversions of old church buildings. The extravagant ceilings are often maintained giving a grandiose and open feel to these homes.

Similarly, homes and apartments with a mezzanine layer are also making artistic use of high ceilings and creating a more open feel to the space.

Low Ceilings

Not only is it cheaper to heat the room with a low ceiling, it is also cheaper to construct and is commonly found in apartment complexes and more affordable housing estates. The key to decorating with low ceilings is to choose a neutral, even white palette for the walls and ceiling, making use of lower light levels.

A low ceiling can also add great character to cottage and country style homes with the use of exposed beams. Although sometimes a little claustrophobic, a lower ceiling can make a room feel warm and cost!

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