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Interior Design: Throw out the rules

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Interior Design shouldn’t be stuffy or full of rules. Instead, it should showcase creativity, our personalities and also be practical to live in on a day to day basis. We’ve looked at how breaking some common rules can actually create some stylish and individual looks.

Rule Break 1. Don’t mix furniture from different periods in time.

Creating the right balance between old and new can be tricky, especially if don’t want to fork out for expensive vintage pieces. The best way to incorporate older pieces is to think about the architecture of the building. If it was built in the 1950s try adding a few pieces from that era, and try to restore as many original features as possible.

Rule Break 2. Paint and wallpaper only belong on walls

Ok, so this look might not be for everyone but depending on your colour scheme a painted celling can be used to trick the eye and also create drama. As a general rule, ceilings that are a lighter shade than the colour of the walls will make the room feel higher. Darker colours can give a sense of cosy intimacy.

If you’re feeling brave you could try having neutral walls and a patterned wallpaper on the ceiling. This creates an interesting look and can be co-ordinated with matching accessories and textiles.

Rule Break 3. Don’t mix patterns or prints

As a general rule we tend not mix more than 3 patterns, however by mixing patterns with the same theme you can create an exciting yet cohesive look. Florals and prints in similar hues work particularly well, but for a modern look try teaming lots of geometric designs together such as chevrons and stripes.

Although this striped Gogh pattern the damask wallpaper are very different in style they are pulled together by the Raspberry colour running through both.

Rule Break 4. Everything should match

The days when we had to buy our furniture from the same store so it would match are gone. Modern looks are much more eclectic and should look as though possessions have been collected over our life time. To stop the look becoming too disjointed, try to choose different pieces with a common element, such as a theme colour, pattern, or size. The look below shouldn’t work, but by co-ordinating a few pieces, such as the white table and lamp, and the coloured chairs and cabinet, it pulls the whole room together.

Rules in interior design can be useful for inexperienced people or to stop us making costly mistakes, however they should never hinder our creative flair. The best looks are often well planned, practical and a reflection of our personal style. If you would like help creating your own unique look, contact Plumbs today and our expert Home Consultant can talk you through our huge range of furniture, made to measure curtains, and blind fabrics.

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