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Should you buy a low seating or high seating sofa?

Home All Should you buy a low seating or high seating sofa?

When it comes to sofa shopping, it’s very easy to get caught up in the seemingly endless pigments and patterns on offer.

Yet, it’s important to give equal attention to the finer furniture details. One such example is the difference between high-seat and low-seat sofas – a small, but significant part of the sofa buying puzzle.

For expert tips on what to look for in a comfortable sofa, read our handy guide, below.

Heights of comfort

Family in a comfortable living room

People come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be a tricky task to find that magic one-size-fits-all sofa.

For example, a low seated sofa might be perfect for a petite populace, but it would be uncomfortable for longer legs – perhaps even causing annoying aches and pains. Vice versa, if a chair is too high that your legs dangle, it can have a negative impact on your posture.

The best advice is to try before you buy. Sit down in as many chairs as you can and try to imitate how you’ll be sitting in your real living room (so if you’re a sloucher or you sit bolt upright, do that).

A pain in the neck

While the term ‘lumbar support’ is often associated with office chairs, the same approach to ergonomics needs to be brought into the living room, too.

But what does lumbar support feel like? Well, it should soothe your aches and pains. For instance, if you suffer from aches and pains in your back or neck, then a high sofa with a straight back is the right prescription (it aligns the spine).

On the same note, seat cushions and backs which provide that all-encompassing ‘snuggly’ feeling (a hallmark of low seated sofas), are not a good fit as they will simply mould around your body. As a result, your body is left unsupported, and this could make your ailments worse in the long run.

There is also the TV to consider. Just like office workers need to adjust their monitors to suit their sitting position, loungers should think about how their TV’s position is affecting their posture.

For instance, if your TV is on a low stand, you’ll need a low sofa to accommodate your line of sight. Alternatively, if your TV is mounted high up on the wall, a sofa that is propped up by legs and boasts a nice straight back will be ideal.

And then there is style

Taking practicalities out of the picture, low and high sofas don’t just feel different, they look different, too.

High sofas typically look more traditional (picture camelback sofas perched on tapered legs and the tall rolled back of a Queen Anne armchair and you get the picture).

On the other hand, low sofas have that casual ‘throw your coat off and kick back’ aesthetic. This often lends to them suiting more contemporary décors, such as Scandi-inspired interiors.

Whether your soft furnishings are flush with the floor or practically on the ceiling, we can raise the quality of your living room to new heights with hundreds of quality fabrics for your sofas and armchairs. Browse our huge range of sofa fabrics for reupholstery and sofa covers here.

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