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Once upon a time stripes in the home would automatically point to a nautical or seaside theme. And while there’s nothing wrong with this ever-popular design trend, it just seems so limiting of a great, versatile pattern.

Today, stripes are making a come back, and not just in beachside bathrooms! There are so many ways you can use stripes in your home décor. So scour the shops for inspiration and show your stripes in your home!

Stripes for Drama and Impact

Dark, rich colours are always a winner for adding drama to a room. When used together in stripes, the heavy lines can become a real show-stopper. You could opt for chunky stripes as shown on our Italian Stripe design, or even thin stripes can provide maximum impact when combined with a metallic colour scheme and dramatic features.

Stripes for Subtle Elegance

If you prefer a calmer atmosphere, you could choose a subtler stripe. Offering a little more texture than plain designs, subtle stripes can often be found in two tonal and complementary colours. Contrasting with a vibrant colour will add depth to a room, or complementing with similar neutral shades will keep your home atmosphere relaxed.

Stripes with florals

For a feminine feel, you can even mix stripes with floral patterns. The contrasting designs can bring interest to a room. Remember to opt for co-ordinating colours to retain a sense of unity with your décor.

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